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In a recent podcast video, Brad Edmondson of Misfits Jiujitsu sat down with Matthew Maxcy from the No Offense Podcast to talk about his journey from struggling with mental health to becoming a jiujitsu black belt and coach. In addition, Edmondson sheds light on one of the biggest mysteries in the world of Jiu Jitsu – the Gracie family conspiracy.

When asked about the Gracie family, Edmondson shared some interesting stories about the family’s history. He referenced a book of newspaper articles about the Gracies and the history of Jiu Jitsu, which revealed an incident where a man named Rufino Dos Santos was attacked and beaten up by the Gracies with a metal box. The Gracies were facing two years in prison for this incident, which Edmondson acknowledged as a questionable act.

Edmondson also discussed The Gracie Challenge, where the Gracies would fight anybody who came to challenge them, part of how they got known was releasing videos of them beating up people from other martial arts. He shared the story of Hoben Gracie, who lost to a French MMA fighter in one of these challenges. Following his loss, the Gracies started threatening the French fighter, and they allegedly showed up at his workplace and started beating him up, only to be chased out at gunpoint. Edmondson acknowledged that there are always two sides to a story and that history is written by the winners, but he encouraged listeners to hear the whole story before making judgments.

Edmondson also touched on the different types of Jiu Jitsu, such as gi Jiu Jitsu, sport Jiu Jitsu, self-defense Jiu Jitsu, and MMA Jiu Jitsu. He acknowledged that Jiu Jitsu has changed so much that each gym may teach a different martial art, and he himself is not very good at the gi sport of Jiu Jitsu.

Overall, the podcast was an insightful look into the world of Jiu Jitsu and mental health. Edmondson’s journey from struggling with mental health to becoming a jiujitsu black belt and coach is an inspiration to many, and his willingness to discuss the controversial Gracie family conspiracy sheds light on one of the biggest mysteries in the world of Jiu Jitsu.





welcome back to no offense today we’re super super excited we have um my my


coach for jiu jitsu and and Mai Thai I guess actually as well and um


we’re super excited to have him on today have some beers with them and kind of dive into his story on how he got here


he just recently got promoted to being a black belt so watch the episode hear how how his story went how he got to where


he’s at today and make sure you like comment and subscribe for more Brad thanks for coming on we’re excited to


have you how you doing man dude this is awesome thank you guys so much this is a huge deal for me I’m just so excited to


just talk about all this stuff man and geek out a little bit yeah it’s awesome I think a good place to start is


actually um just two days ago our our gym the whole team was over at a different gym


watching Brad get promoted by one of his uh long time friends to the black belt rank so how did how did that feel I mean


that was nuts your speech was awesome we could even like Drop That in yeah well I mean the thing is two man like with the


speech like you know you think about what you’re gonna say and everything and then like I walked out there and it’s like deer in headlights and just off the


top of my head but like it’s kind of like when we do the intros yeah so like going into it for a while


there I wasn’t sure I’d ever get another belt in Jiu Jitsu because like how the whole thing works and there’s politics


and things like that because I kind of branched off on my own and then my buddy kind of surprised me and showed up and


he said man you know he’d seen me work so hard he’d see me like you know get choked down the mat so many times and


come back and go for more and just fight and fight and fight so he gave me my brown belt and years later here I am


getting my black belt from him and he was there from the beginning and the thing is when you get a black belt from somebody your name is attached to that


person and what was so important to me was like I could have gone out and been like trying to pay somebody to come into


a seminar and get blackout or like going out and meeting people for the express purpose that I want to get like a belt


from them and I had no interest in that man so my buddy Tim I’ve known him since


a star and he’s just a stand-up guy I’ve seen him do like the right thing by people over and over and over again so I


wanted my name connected to him because I know he’s a stand-up person now is he great at Jiu Jitsu but he’s just a good


guy man yeah so I was so excited and I’ll tell you like I gotta I started


driving over there because I was training at my gym so I start driving over and I’m having a panic attack in


the car dude so what happened what I got the


news and I kind of had an idea it was coming and after I got the news I was sleeping like three hours a night or


something because I was so worked up I was so stressed because it’s such a big deal for 12 years man I have killed


myself just trying to learn more try to do better and so I wasn’t sleeping I kept forgetting to eat because I was so


stressed and then uh I started driving over there I started heading this thing and I know all these people they’re so


important to me man that push me and just encourage me they’re all going to be in this room there was a ton of


people there I mean that had how many people was that that’s probably 60 people yeah and it was like in like a


small gentle about even more honestly yeah it was a lot of people yeah and so like I start driving I start like


hyperventilating and I’m like I’m kind of freaking out and I used to have panic attacks way back when and um I hadn’t


had one years and so like you know my face starts going numb and my hands are shaking I’m like oh man this is not good


and then you know I start to calm down and kind of like meditate a little bit while I’m driving listen to some music


chill myself out and then I parked the car and I start getting out of the car and I’m starting to walk up and starts


hitting me again and I’m like oh my God I’m freaking out man I’m walking this room and you’re always like man I work


so hard but I feel like I need to be better to be a black belt you know I mean no matter what you feel like you gotta be better because the Imposter


syndrome yeah and if you respect this stuff there’s so much to it like you’re never done you know I mean you always


have so much work to do so I start walking up I’m having like a pat attack and I’m hypervently a little bit and one


of my students David Garcia starts walking up behind me it’s like hey wait up and I’m like no I’m not waiting up for you I just kept going because I’m


like if I stop it’s going to be bad so he catches up with me and I walked in and immediately win the back got about


water and pulled my friend Maria who came back there and kind of talked me down so I go back out and I’m like


trying to play it cool and I’m freaking out a little bit but I’m doing a little better and then like I was sitting back and I was helping people get signed up


on waivers and stuff like that got to train and I kind of managed to chill myself out and when they called me up


there not long after and it was like I don’t know man I just kind of like Snapped to where I was like good yeah


and I felt pretty good about it yeah your speech felt super authentic and you didn’t seem worried at all during the


speech like it didn’t seem like you were panicking during it like you delivered it well yeah I mean like when with a lot


of pressure situations I’m good at kind of snapping too and just kind of acting and going you know I mean I kind of know


that that’s kind of Jiu Jitsu in general it’s like before or like wrestling before a match you’re nervous but once you’re in the match you’re you’re you’re


fine you’re in Flow State or you’re you know in the moment the butterflies leading up to it definitely subside when


you’re like ready to go yeah it’s the weirdest thing ever and you’ve been doing it for 13 years uh


12 yeah 12 years yeah 12 years how long ago until you started your own um your own business your own gym well I


branched out I was working for somebody else for a year and a half two years and


then I branched on my own I bought everything and branded myself and uh I


started switching my branding to Misfits Jiu Jitsu and we were so let me start from top it’s been about three years and


I started off in West Dundee and we had mats on top I asked her turf and indoor soccer field and you know it wasn’t


great man but we were making it work yeah and another gym we found out so I’m


there teaching one day and everything’s good and then I see signs saying coming soon Jiu Jitsu and I’m like man


I’m already teaching here where are they talking about Jiu Jitsu coming soon so I’m like I guess I have to move out I


think that’s them saying I gotta go so you know I was like okay I gotta find new location because clearly somebody is


moving in so I’m like I gotta go so I found a CrossFit gym that was willing to rent me a yoga studio in the back so I


went there and I’m still working with the same guy there and I end up buying him out and we were in this Yoga Studio


in the back of a gym called Phoenix Athletics and the people were amazing there man like as soon as I walked in I


went to have like I was expecting this like business meeting with the owner I was so nervous she walks out she’s


drinking a white claw talking with me I’m like okay she’s nice and chill so um you know I was there for a while then


I had bought all the equipment I started to Brand myself we managed to get through covet which was very difficult


and uh sadly covet wiped out that CrossFit gym and like they started to go


under they just couldn’t afford their rent because their rent was so high man and it was sad because they had such a


great crew they had so many nice people there you know I mean they would talk with you every time you went in they encourage you a lot of them took my


classes just to support us getting started and um you know they closed up


shop I still keep in touch with them and I got to this point where it was like man I don’t have another place to go like


there’s no like business set up that I could just move in the back so I


considered just uh you know folding into another gym bringing all my guys there and I thought about that and I just


decided I really wanted to continue to teach I wanted to do my own thing so I started searching for a storefront and I


was looking all throughout Elgin and everything was kind of expensive and it was very hard to find something and I was about to give up man and my furnace


went out at my house at home so I call my landlord he comes by and you know they’ve got a guy fixing the furnace I’m


talking with him and I tell him the story and he’s like man it just so happens I have this place in St Charles


oh no way yeah so I went to see it and it used to be a real estate office and like right away I was like I’ll take it


man and I got set up right from there so I had counted and I knew I had eight


guys that would sign up I knew for sure I had eight guys and that was it I only knew I had eight students so here I am


thinking man and like I might be losing money all the time it’s going to be really difficult but I’m going to give


it a go and the first night I had 14 guys show up on the first night and that wasn’t even for a class that was just a


little Open Mat come and see the place I had 14 guys show up and then I had students like I had a guy make me a


laser cut steel sign with like my branding on it I had another guy buy me


like a Misfits Jiu Jitsu signed uh Offline that was so cool looking and I had people slowly come together and just


support me and get behind me to put this thing together man if people brought him TVs too he’s got like yeah seriously


yeah yeah one of my students he he just and you know I was sitting at the gym I was getting ready to close up and he


pulls up he just walks in he goes hey uh I wanna know I think I got a gift for you if you want it and I’m like yeah man


what do you got he goes oh I got 55-inch TV I’m like bro I’ll take it so now I’ve


got a TV set up and I set up like a little PlayStation with it for the kids I’ll put on like movies over Christmas


I’d like Die Hard down there and elf and stuff like that and um you know it’s fun


man but it’s just I can’t say enough all these incredible people got behind me and like Built Me Up and


the thing is man in my whole life I’ve never believed in myself ever you know I mean like I’ve always had like severe


depression I’ve had all these issues and seeing these people put their faith in me made me want to be great it made


me work harder man still does like every time because I get real down and everything and I see how they look at me


in the faith they put me to like not just teach them but to like work hard for them and just have this great place


that we’ve put together where it’s you know you know our gym it’s such a friendly crowd man yeah yeah you come in


everybody like introduces themselves and like nobody there is going to like injure you you know I mean they’re all


gonna be real chill so it’s kind of like going from there it just built and built


and built and now we’re pretty solid with a good number of students yeah let’s get started getting blown up over


here right now those are students signing up yeah yeah I hope your students signing


up here no but that’s good and that’s true apologies and there’s a lot of people no you’re good there’s a lot of people that come in there


um I like it because it’s got like a diverse crowd of people like going in there to get they’re for different purposes you know


there’s people there that are there for like mental health reasons or to get away from certain things you know there’s certain people that have like stuff going on that they need to be


somewhere else you know so Brad helps like support that kind of crowd and then also the crowd of people that are just trying to kill people yeah you


do get a lot of that too yeah there’s a little bit of both right and that’s what’s kind of cool and you know man that’s the thing for me the biggest like


part of all the Jiu Jitsu stuff and all the train stuff is the mental health aspect because you know most people are


not going to have a physical altercation in their life most people are not going to compete you know I mean you’re going


to have a small handful that go out and get after it and come through here and um don’t be wrong those guys are great


man but more than anything for me it’s about helping people turn around their lives and just getting people to have


something positive and um you know I’m all about like


the lost causes the people where it’s just like man they’re done you know


things are so bad they can’t pull out of that and I get kids I get people they’re just struggling man and it could be like


with drinking it’d be a depression it could be a million different things and I see this stuff help them and bring


them like out of it a little bit and you know a lot of these guys are never going to be a real competitor or anything like


that but they get something positive of it every day and they push hard and they look to learn legit technique you know I


mean they’re learning the real thing and that’s so important that you have like the real thing going on


and um I’ve just I’ve seen a lot of good coming from from it man a lot of good come from it yeah sure it helps people


like build their confidence and get good at failing and failing forward that kind of thing it’s definitely a good a good


uh a good environment for people that have been failing a lot but not forward yeah you know yeah I mean that’s the


thing it does the best is teaches you like constructive failing where it’s like and I I was listening like uh A Boy


Named Sue by Johnny Cash and he talks about uh he thinks about his dad every time he gets a fight and he says I think


a bomb every time I uh try and every time I win and it’s like okay so there’s


no lose there you try or you win yeah it’s like if you try you go try again and that’s just how it is man you just


go out and put yourself out there with whatever you do and whatever you do you put yourself out there and if you’re


doing it right you will fail and that’s important like if you don’t fail then


you’re not taking something difficult enough on yeah and it’s kind of like then you pick yourself up and you do it


again and that’s the biggest thing I’ve learned from this and um that’s the life lesson it really gives people man well


it’s cool too because you also have a space where everybody else is achieving some form of goal that they’re it’s like


you have a really tight community of people that are actively failing and actively trying to get better and I feel


like there’s almost a level of support there that makes you feel more yeah because everyone’s failing everyone yeah like you’re not the only one yeah


when this this one but whenever we switch Partners I’m gonna get my ass kicked there and you know that everyone


you just came from his ass getting yeah and now he’s gonna it’s like everyone gets their ass kicked at least once yeah exactly the ones a day there’s always


there’s always some better guy yeah he’s always a better guy it’s like oh you you know how you feel after a good roll great kill them I mean you’re right kick


that was a good one I felt good about that one then you move on and then you just get smashed


that’s how it goes and it just levels you out again yeah um why I got my black belt like there’s


one guy up there that just absolutely kills me and so you know I’m doing rounds which one’s that uh but is it the


most is it I saw you rolling with a kid with like colored hair yeah I mean he’s really good that kid’s Nick he’s very


good you tapped him I saw that I was like super I was like watching I was like damn this is good really good yeah what belt is he I’m not sure I think


it’s a blue belt and then he was like actually like he’s tough man yeah for


sure there’s a there’s a brown belt over there named Josh who’s just uh he’s been grappling for 25 years oh wow and um


he’s incredible man he’s saying his balance is nuts and like just the pressure and he’s he’s a really nice guy


and I knew he was going to kill me and I knew like he’s not going anywhere I knew he’d stay there so the last round of the


night I went after him and of course I try to wrestle with him and you know my wrestling’s not great you know what I


mean but um I went after him and I tried to I tried hard man and uh I’m not gonna


lie I got killed but like I knew man I knew I was like somebody’s gonna get me today and uh headed out there yeah well


you know I knew somebody was gonna get me but before that I had training partner of mine named Henry Sadowski


come in so this guy hadn’t done Jujitsu in six seven years wow and like he was my main training partner when I was


coming up he helped me figure all this stuff out and he’s the nicest guy man and he came in and I knew somebody’s


gonna be the first person to tap me as a black belt and I’m like I let him catch something you know what I mean and I was


like Yeah I wanted to be able to say that was the first guy to get me because I owe the guy man I owe that guy I


always will there’s so many people that build you up in this and then you know you don’t see them when it’s just the


one guy but there’s all these people that helped him out man I’ll never forget I’ll never forget those people


that’s that’s crazy it’s so wild How deep the Jiu Jitsu worlds can get in terms of like Community like people like


make all these friends and random connections you know it’s also cool it’s a place that you go like even talk about work like you don’t even know what


people do like outside like if I don’t go Jiu Jitsu like for a week I’m a


complete dick complete dead do you feel that like oh yeah you’re there every day


in the past like when you go and then you’re on a roll you’re going then you don’t go for like two weeks right like


why am I an right now when you go to jiu jitsu and you’re like feel much better that’s the thing man


for me I fall apart if I’m not training like I go to Pieces so like what


happened was it the way I got into all this was in my mid-20s like I fell apart


I was having like panic attacks I was collapsing and like it was bad and like


you know I’d been around rough crowd before that where there was a ton of drinking and things like that while drinking some drugs all that and I got


so tired of it I just quit going out and I quit trying to do things I was working dead-end jobs I was working on graveyard


shifts and for a period of about five years I basically didn’t leave the house


man like it was just like I would go out and get food and that was about it are you still working during that time like


would you still go to work I mean I’d try hold down jobs man but yeah I’d always had like the severe severe


depression since I was a kid I mean you know I had some rough things happen when I was growing up and uh you know my


folks did their best but it was rough man and I had this horrible horrible depression then you know I always


struggled with it I always struggled self-esteem all that I got bullied real bad for a while and then you know I met


all these kids that were like also kind of messed up kids and we all came up together through high school and all


that and you know it was all like drinking and you know kind of inner demons man and they were all kind of dealing with that well you know you get


into your early 20s and they’re still doing it and after a while you get sick of it man you’re just around it too much


and it’s not like fun partying anymore it’s like depressing yeah like all right what are we gonna do like what are we


gonna do guys like we can’t do this forever yeah man yeah I got so burnt on it so you know I became like a shut-in


and you know the whole time I would get worse and worse and I would struggle to hold down work where I’d be good and


then all of a sudden one day mentally I would fall apart you know like I wouldn’t get out bad for like a day or


two damn and you know I mean and like I I was so ashamed like you know you want to like


call your work and explain to them and like they don’t get it man yeah most places don’t it’s kind of embarrassing


to bring up to people yeah like people didn’t get and now you know people are a little bit better but then people


absolutely didn’t get it so I’d lose jobs and I’d be out looking for something else so I had this five-year


period where I started having these panic attacks I had this horrible depression and I was diagnosed as


bipolar so you know they start putting me on medications and I start seeing a


therapist and the first therapist was pretty bad the guy thought he was Dr Phil or something and just man not a fan


you know I mean like not a fan but I ended up getting a better therapist later and they start jumping me from medication to medication so


when you’re doing these medications the thing that I’ve learned that most people don’t know you have to advocate for


yourself constantly because they have to be adjusting them the whole time that you’re taking these things because it’s


guesswork they’re going to throw stuff and see what sticks and if you don’t speak up for yourself they’re just going to leave you on something to make you


miserable so I had some of them where it was like you know I’m falling asleep all


day I had other ones where I’m awake for two days straight no way man yeah that’s crazy and man what’s what’s that one


yeah and um you know and it just got worse and worse and sometimes I’m


getting like these slight Mania kind of states where I can’t sleep and man you start feeling like you’re losing your mind you catch yourself like


you know all of a sudden it’s 3am you’re listening to the same song I repeat for an hour you’re like man I got organized


like my DVDs in alphabetical order and then you look at yourself doing this and you’re like oh I think I have a problem


and then you realize oh I got like the TV on music going a video game going


I’m trying to play with the dog I’m organizing the DVDs and it’s 3am you know what I mean you’re just like


something’s up so you know I started having things like some of the medications were getting me so wound up


I would hear like stuff that wasn’t there man and oh my God that trips you out because like


you hear something you’re like nah I didn’t hear that that’s not real man yeah and it’s not like I wasn’t hearing


like voices or anything like that but I mean I wasn’t hearing voices from God or anything like that I would all of a


sudden be clear yeah just be clear I mean hey I know people you know I’ve talked to that have had the experience


man it’s scary because you lose like touch with reality and I would hear people crying for help and all of a


sudden I’d hear somebody go like help me help me and I’d like jump to and I’m like looking around and it would be like


I’d be like outside walking the dog and I’m like oh there is no one here and this is when you’re out of medication too yeah man and uh that’s


the thing some of the medications actually made things worse I could I have heard that for sure especially if you’re actually trying to like fix


something specifically and it’s maybe like adding a problem in a different area not fixing that one thing


and I get like two problems like yeah man it’s just you have to advocate for yourself and tell them like hey


these things are going on you need to adjust this medication yeah so um I’m hearing yeah it’s like dude


it’s scary because you’re like man like right now I know that’s not real you know I mean I know like I’m losing a


little bit and then with time you’re like you hear stories about people that like they don’t know it’s not real anymore


and they lose that sense of reality and um man they had me on this one medication and I’ll never forget it


they quadrupled the dosage on this thing holy and like that set off alarm Bells I’m like that’s kind of messed up


man and like I was worried right away because you know this medication they’re putting me on it’s four times the dose


so one night I’m driving my car home and uh you know I haven’t been out for a little bit and I look in the rearview


mirror and there’s like this dead guy in the back seat he looks like a zombie or something what the hell yeah you see the


commercials when they’re like side effects could include yeah I guess it’s like the real story yeah yeah and again


I don’t know if it was like lack of sleep or something well they say like hallucinations on some like the medications out there like you do hear


that so like I I believe it man yeah I could see it from lack of sleep yeah you


combined both of them and it’s like I mean if you ever like drink a lot when you’re on a lack like if you don’t sleep


like a whole day and then you get like drunk the next day it’s a different drunk you know what I mean it’s like so when you combine like a drug with like


no sleep it’s is it it’s a different experience yeah so like I see this you


know I mean I see it in the rear view and I’m like holy you know I mean I’m freaking out and then I walk behind


me and look in the back seat and yep still there you know look a third time and it’s like


gone you know what I mean and like you’re driving a hole faster you’re like I gotta get home get off this medication and that was the only like visual thing


I ever had but oh my God that sounds scary as well actually it was terrifying yeah I brought off the road that’s


really scary absolutely scared the crap Abby man and just um yeah terrifying so


I go through this I go through this five-year period and during that time I had friends try to help me and I had a


lot of people that kind of backed away slowly because you know when your friend comes up to you and he’s like yeah I’m hearing voices like man the real one


stick around and they’re gonna like have your back and be like man we’re gonna get you help these medications are get you there you’re gonna get through this


a lot of people go and nope I’m out man I’m not sticking around for this one


like this is too much and so I had a lot of these people kind of back away slowly and it got down and down and down where


like I was like kind of left with only a couple people and for most part I was alone and um man a lot of these people I


thought would stick by me for like ever you know what I mean and it got to a point where it was kind of just my


family you know I mean and maybe one or two friends that were kind of in and out and uh after five years of it I got


angry man I was so mad I was like man all these people said they had my back and I thought back to the people that


like kind of like bullied me and pushed me around because in the partying days in my early 20s I still had people that


were like kind of pushed me around taking advantage stuff like that and I just I was so pissed off and then


I ended up getting a gym membership that my folks encouraged me to go to the gym and I was like you know what man I’m


gonna I’m gonna go for it and I’m like I would go in there and because my sleep schedule was wrecked because they’re


still figuring out the medications I’m having all these problems I would go lift for three to four hours


at a time five days a week wow and like I didn’t know like I had not done


anything physical from age 14 to like 28 no way so like nothing like I got cut


from the basketball team my freshman year in high school and like the thing is like kids they have sports it helps


so much man my mom was like hey I’ll volunteer to help you guys out if you get these kids to at least be able to


practice so they got something so they’re involved in something yeah my life could it could have gone an


entirely different way if I was involved in something positive I didn’t have that so


you know I hadn’t done anything from 14 to 28 I had basically been drinking and sitting around and you know I maybe play


a gamer to a pickup basketball so I start lifting weights and I’m using like every machine there and I’m just going


to machine I’m like reading the whole thing on the side I’m like okay this works chest I’ll use this one like this


works the back of the arms this works the first and she like systematically like going like literally like you’re there for like four hours just do


it every single machine that’s how it was like this guy’s an animal yeah and I was killing myself and at the time I was


155 pounds with like a beer gut like I looked like hell man like I look super


unhealthy so you know I’d go for a machine to machine I had no clue what I was doing man and there was this guy up


there who’s this like really go ahead by Buff or Italian dude and this dude he would come up to me and


give me advice and he would help me out and he’d kind of encourage me man and dude the guy kept me going because I


might have given up I might have been like man I can’t you know I’m not making progress but he’d give me little like attaboys and like dude I would work


harder and harder and harder he’d give me little tips I started reading books on like power lifting and things like


that and you know I wasn’t strong so I got it in my head that I wanted to like get big you know what I mean because you


think like yeah you’re like oh I want to be tough I’m gonna get big was your brother really big at this time too I


mean my brother played football for Carthage and um because he’s a big boy yeah he’s pretty jacked yeah he’s been


lifted weight since you know he was like in seventh grade or something and he never misses a day he’s worked so hard


man um he’s a lead detective with Arlington Heights now I’m so proud of him that’s cool yeah it’s really cool and uh


so you know I started reading these books and um started working harder and harder and I decided I wanted to get big


so uh I started reading ways to like gain weight so I started getting like Weight Gainer formula and man I was


doing like these shakes they would have like three raw eggs in them and peanut butter and a full banana and you’d have


to chew them you know I mean like you couldn’t just swap he had to like chew them they were disgusting and I just


wasn’t gaining weight and so uh I started okay like power lifting like you know sub Forums on the internet stuff


like that and I asked these guys for advice I had one guy say you just eat ice cream just eat tons of ice cream and


eat lift heavy and I’m like I don’t know about that and I read about this thing called go mad now like I don’t recommend


this for anybody but here’s like my little story with it gomad stands for


gallon of whole milk a day gallon of milk a day oh my God so every day I


would go and buy a gallon of whole milk and throughout the course of day I had to finish that gallon before night


and all day you’re pulling out of the fridge and Downing a glass of milk now you’re eating three Square meals while


you’re doing this and you’re just lifting heavy and trying to get Pig so you know I start like putting on weight


and I’m getting stronger and getting stronger and I did it for like a long time and like it was miserable but you


know I started to gain weight and I started to get big but I was getting a little fat too and so uh this is where


things take a little bit of a turn so if anybody’s ever seen It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia yeah I’ve seen Clips so


they have a character on their name Mac and Mac decides he’s going to get you know big and he just eats like burritos


and chimichangas and he gets real fat and he talks about how yeah I’m gonna cut down and lose all the fat and it’ll


be just the muscle left so you know I was an idiot so I’m thinking like yeah I’ll just lose weight later I’m doing


this gallon of whole milk a day but I’m getting so bored of it like it’s brutal man that sounds disgusting yeah I could


never do that there’s like a gallon challenge like the milk challenge thing so imagine you’re doing on purpose


pretty much every day it might be vulgar your shits must have been atrocious bro it was just exhausting and the thing is


by the end of the day you’re pulling the milk out the fridge so much it’s warm by the end of the day and you have to and


the thing is like I’m pretty good when it comes to willpower like I can force myself through miserable things and uh


so I got so bored of it and I was miserable so I was like man you know what I think I’m gonna mix it up do a


gallon of chocolate milk today why not man and so you know I start getting fat and I’m getting strong and so I looked


like Mac when he got fans always say in Philadelphia it’s strong I went from so to give me an idea in just a couple


months I went from 155 pounds to 217 pounds no way God damn holy yeah


and so my goal was to get to 250. yes where were you going dude I have no idea


again and that was like and again going into this I had no idea what I was doing man like I didn’t know what I was doing


I was just like I’m gonna get big and I figured like oh I’ll just eat healthy and start jogging after that and I’ll


just be like big so um you know I do this and I get up around 2 17 and then one night I’m out at the bar man and I


go out for a beer and like I’m feeling pretty good um now it gets so good because all my shirts were getting real tight you know


what I mean showing a whole lot of belly so like I’m not at the bar and these guys come up and they’re like hey man you’re you’re pretty big dude have you


ever played rugby and I’m like man the hell is rugby and so they kind of like explain it to me and I’m like and they


tell me to be at practice on Monday and they tell me where it’s at so I still have no idea what this is


like I don’t know what rugby is I’ve never played you know I never really play a context sport I played like


basketball as a kid and I got into a good number of fights coming up so you know I show up I have no cleats and the


grass is wet so I ran my ass off sliding around in shoes with no grip


trying to just hit people as hard as I could and like I didn’t know the rules I still don’t know the rules I still don’t


understand the game they tried to teach me some of it it’s amazing game but like I don’t get like I tried to learn it man


and you know I hung with those guys for a bit and they were a lot of fun man and uh yeah that’s a crazy crowd the rugby


crowd you know it’s like a it’s kind of like a hockey crowd almost in a way of just like just some roughness


meant they drink more than almost anybody I’ve ever met like the way they drink is insane to me and I was kind of


done drinking I still don’t drink much to this day so I hung with them I rode the bench for


two games and uh you know hung out with them and they’re real fun and then the off season came around and I didn’t have


anything to do and it’s like you know I done the weightlifting thing and my goal of getting to 250 was kind of out the window because my cardio was awful it’s


like I gotta do something here and you know it’s funny too everybody was like yeah you’re looking good and really I


was just looking really fast yeah you’re looking big yeah you’re right you’re looking big yeah you accomplished your goal yeah it’s like man less Donuts you


know and I think that’s something someone in our friend group would do like for sure like I have a name in mind too yeah on a whole milk band gallon of


whole milk a day seriously don’t do it but um like so during the off season I decided I tried Thai Boxing class so I


go into Thai boxing and like I’m having a lot of fun with it man I start losing weight and um I have a lot of fun


hitting pads I’m feeling good about it and then you know my wrestler friend well I met a friend up there and wait a


ride go on to stand up in one of his wedding and it was like uh I’m working with him and uh and you’re like 28 at


this point still yeah yeah 30. okay I’m gonna say 30. and I’m working with him and he’s like man


you gotta learn Jiu Jitsu because somebody’s going to take you down to the ground and they’re going to beat you up and I’m like man the stuff where you


roll around the ground in pajamas bro I don’t know I don’t think I want to do that I’m like that looks weird and like


I just was not into it man and I tried like a class I got talked into trying a


class so I go in there and there’s this kid with like the Justin Bieber haircut and he’s a little high school kid with


Bieber hair and like we do the class and everything and after class I roll with this kid man this dude strangled me like


bad man and like dude I felt so dumb afterwards I’m like Biebs just choke the crap out of me how it goes as a kid


that’s like the most unexpected you’d never see him coming man yeah ever and like it’s like some kid in like a Marvel rash guard and like he’s like a hundred


pounds he just comes out there like a spider monkey and like the thing is man like you know I I’ve I had been feeling


pretty good like I was hitting tide pads all the time and I was like oh I can hit hard and I hadn’t done much sparring yet


yeah got to that layer and it was like oh that was a rude awakening but um you know I just couldn’t believe this kid


just wrecked me and I got like obsessed with it and uh so I had this this guy I


met early on who was uh you know kind of a coach there he would come in and he had everything


like flowcharted and he would like come in with videos and show you videos of competition and be like okay we’re gonna


pause here this guy’s gonna make one of two choices based on what he does and then he would like quiz you on what the


guy’s reaction would be it was crazy man and seeing like his passion for it and how technical he was I was sold man and


I just started going Non-Stop and uh he was real big into like leg locks and things like that and that was his thing


so real early on I was like man I kind of want to be the leglock guy now like leglocks have kind of a weird thing in


Jiu Jitsu a lot of Jiu Jitsu guys do not like like yeah and talk about like where that kind of comes from too with oh man


so it’s really have you heard about that yeah it’s a wild story man and the thing is like leg locks apparently back in the


day if you leglock somebody they would like throw trash at you instead you’re a poor person thing to do right so what


happened was the story goes there was a guy named Oswaldo fada and Oswaldo fata


came up under a guy yeah I think it was Louise Franca I may be wrong on this so he comes up and he’s learned Jiu Jitsu


and the Gracies are also training and the Gracies are in the city this guy’s out in the suburbs and you know there’s


less money he’s worked with a lot of kids in favelas he’s teaching Jiu Jitsu for cheaper free and he’s trying to help


people out now his students would do a lot of leg locks and that was like something they did well you know the


students that had were money they would kind of make fun of them man and they’d say like they called him shoe shiners because it was a poor person’s job and


they’d like give him a hard time and be like man that’s not legit technique you know I mean they didn’t respect it and it kind


of carried on for a long time it became a thing where leglocks really weren’t they weren’t like


they weren’t a regular part of Jiu Jitsu for a very long time they were kind of weak and if you wanted leg locks you would look at like guys and things


like that so time goes on and most people are not doing many leg locks and they start to


get a little bit bigger and a little bit bigger and then guys started to come out with like heel Hooks and they were doing so well and it became this thing and the


thing with a heel hook is it twists your knee and it can rip your ACL and all of a sudden you have this giant injury or


in need surgery and I have a theory that one of the main reasons leglocks were so frowned upon was back in the day when


you know you had the Gracies the early Gracies fighting if you rip your ACL it’s not like you


could fix that back then yeah I mean and good point yeah yeah and before like that really good medical you know


advances but have been made yeah when I looked into it ACL reconstruction surgery started to like first be


performed in the mid 1930s and you know it started to go from there and uh one


of the things we see differently today with Jiu Jitsu is people are willing to let things break and they’re willing to


like eat a leg lock and just let their ACL rip if it means they can win God damn yeah there’s crazy people


out there yeah there was this guy he just got leglocked for like six minutes straight and he ripped his MCL his ACL


his meniscus and he broke his ankle and he just wouldn’t tap and guys have gotten crazier and part of that I think


is because they know it could be fixed yeah no I was listening oh no no yeah that yeah so when you think about like


if I can go like let’s say in the future they go hey man we can fix a broken arm term in like two hours and you’re gonna


be good as new tomorrow man like I may make some different choices if I’m like a competitor yeah man yeah if that’s the


difference between you losing and winning you’ll snap because even now you’re thinking okay I can’t train for six months or whatever but if you’re


like I’m good tomorrow like it snap it yeah yeah and a lot of these guys are just like man they know they can


continue and maybe they win like this giant match maybe it’s worth it to them yeah and we have guys they’re like


letting things break and when started we’ve seen guys more and more focus on


breaking mechanics and that’s how the submission is actually performed and actually does damage to like the body


you know what I mean and uh as we’ve seen it evolve it’s like you have to be


better and better at causing massive amounts of damage where the guy doesn’t just feel like a joint pop where it’s


like oh he’s gonna be hurt for like a month it has to be somewhere like he may need to go the emergency room you may


have to go to the hospital because the damage is so severe he may be calling an orthopedic surgeon or something like


it’s gotten crazy now and some of the stuff’s coming out it gets sketchy man you gotta be really careful you have to


work with people there very safe yeah that’s the thing with like he looks especially that you’re teaching to like


new guys it’s like if you spin the wrong way you’re like when you roll with it yeah you roll it they roll if they roll


the wrong way then it’s their their whole needs to rip apart pretty much snap yourself right like yeah that’s exactly what happens it happens a


lot like yeah it happens a fair amount man and it’s almost like if you were to get your foot caught in a hole in the


ground and then like violently spin like it’s horrible and um if they’re coached


the right ways they can be done very safely yeah but you have to have very Hands-On coaches they’re watching like


very closely and people have to understand like if you’re first learning it you’re not even trying to finish it


you’re trying to maybe get the grip and I talk to guys about not trying to spin and things like that and being safe


because you know early days when I was doing Jiu Jitsu and I was getting going the injury rate was pretty high like we got hurt


quite a bit and we went super hard like we tried to kill each other but we didn’t know all that much man and we we


had a lot more people getting injured and as things slowly evolved it got better and better where now I feel like


it’s much much safer as long as you have good people in the room and it’s all about the gym culture and you know back


then it was pretty rough man these days I try to really push for a team atmosphere and like everybody working


together where I want you to get better if you’re not tapping I might just be like bro are you cool because this can


go very wrong yeah because you can talk to you tell us like if someone should tap and they’re not tapping don’t finish


it on them yeah and that’s the thing if they’re like a white belt or a blue belt don’t hurt them man they don’t always


know you know I mean if it’s somebody that’s a competitor obviously a slightly different story you still apply you


apply it slowly you try to give them time but you know you take it up a little bit and if the guy’s a higher belt in Jiu


Jitsu he may know what he’s doing he may let his arm Bend some and kind of test his limits and kind of see like because


here’s the thing man when you’re doing like martial arts you know if I say like hey man I could break your arm well


somebody has to stand up and go I don’t think you can yeah right somebody’s got to do it man and then you gotta test it


and see if the thing actually works otherwise we end up with like death touches or something like no touch Knockouts I can’t bro I can knock you


out with my mind yeah yeah yeah you know at some point you gotta prove it you gotta make sure it works so you know you


gotta go some and um once you understand Jiu Jitsu and you understand the risk and kind of know where you’re at you can


make that choice and if it’s an upper belt in Jiu Jitsu I’ll apply submissions real slowly I’ll give them time but I’m


gonna keep going till they tap or something starts to snap crunch pop whatever it is but the thing is you


gotta work with people there and give you that time and give you a benefit out and every once while you’ll see a guy come in


and you just tell man he’s off today like he’s having a bad day he’s heated


something’s going on at home something’s going on he’s not tapping he was sometimes he’s got to be like man


something’s up with this dude I need to swim off the hook see if he’s doing all right and just be like man are you doing


all right is there anything I could do and my guys will tell you man I’m annoying with this but like I


check up on all my guys I worry about students that haven’t been students of mine for five years I still check up on


them and sometimes they’re like cool about sometimes they’re like leave me alone you’re weird but like man you meet


these people and like you know you come up with them you work so hard together you want to know they’re doing good man and you just want to make sure they’re


doing positive things in their life and I always want them to know the door is open like they can always come back and


train with me and we’re not going to just like murder them you know what I mean we’re gonna welcome them back help


them out and get them into a better spot because again the focus should be like building people up and making people


better and some places you go it’s more about you know just absolutely being the


out of each other and yeah or being a ragdoll for someone that’s training for something yeah man and that’s the


thing like there has to be some of that to keep it real yeah but if that’s entirely the focus you get guys that


really need this and they wash out because they get beat up so bad and nobody is like helping them nobody’s


giving that Pat in the back and this could change their life man because it changed mine I mean going through it I


went through this horrible period in my life and I got into this and slowly as I did it and I continued to work with like


my doctors to get my medications right and all that it’s always started to come together for me and I slowly started to


figure things out and hold down a regular schedule and be able to do more and more and I built up confidence


because again it used to be if I went to a crowded place I would have a panic attack like no way really I would start


hyperventilating my face would go numb my hands would be shaking and I would like have to sit down or or I would fall


over and now and now it’s not because I promise you there’s no place that he’d walk into he wouldn’t kill like


everyone in there almost like I mean 99.9 percent of the time he would murder everyone there so that’s why it’s so


wild to hear because you see him rolling you’re just like he would snap everyone’s head I can’t look at like I don’t feel like


I’m a tough guy at all and the thing is like I don’t even I don’t even usually feel like I’m any good at this stuff but


like I some days I’m like oh I could do some cool things yeah but again my self-esteem is so low and I think so


little of myself I’m always so depressed but man all these people yeah I got like Ray in the gym I got so many great


students you know I mean and seeing them believe in me makes me want to do better man because like I may not believe


myself but I think the world of them they’re incredible man yeah look at the things they do and they’re all amazing


in their own right like they’ve all done these things they’re just incredible and so many of them are just nice people day


to day and man it’s so hard it’s so easy to become bitter it’s so hard to be a good person day to day and like you go


out and get food you stop somewhere person behind the counter is getting your food I mean be nice man yeah like


say hey how you doing thank you you know I mean little stuff like that it makes a difference because like just having somebody say like hey how’s your day man


how you doing blah blah blah you know it it changes things it makes things better um some admire I ended up talking with


one of the Dork readers for like 10 minutes man just talking to her about it and it was like so sad she had worked at


Chase Bank and got laid off and now she she couldn’t get work and this is what she’s doing and I talked with her about


how hard that was and man life is hard like if you could do anything to make it better for people do it it’s not like it


takes a whole lot of effort man just be a good person and so many people live it’s easy to lose sight of when it’s


like you’re thinking about money all the time yeah you think about your problems all the time man everybody’s got him if


everybody’s just a little bit Kinder it makes a tiny bit easier man and that’s really why I feel like is the focus of


my spot which is so funny because it’s like opposite of like the stigma of the sport in general yeah I feel like you


know it doesn’t seem like the kind a sport but it can be right it definitely can be yeah there’s some great spots man


that really are great at building people up and you know Jiu Jitsu is really good at that man but there’s also that dark


side where there’s some guy that just wants to kick your ass and he knows he signs up he can get away with that and


he doesn’t care about you he’s willing to hurt you just for fun and like he’ll come in there and he’s just gonna beat


you up man and you run into those guys there was always this thing about Jiu Jitsu being like a douchebag filter man


like I wish that was totally true I’ve met some terrible people that are very good at Jiu Jitsu you know what I mean I


bet most of people are great like most of people are very cool but there’s some terrible people in the sport man I mean


let’s not pretend and when it comes to martial arts man I have a pet peeve with martial arts I gotta tell you guys man


I hate Mr Miyagi I hate him man I absolutely absolutely like there’s so


much about him so you have this guy who’s a janitor who knows martial arts and he wants to teach your son and have


your son come to his house and wash his car call the police man call the police like


he’s about to get titled yeah he’s about like bad things are gonna happen man and the thing is like


they acted like he was like an expert on life and there’s like this myth like if


I give you advice about anything other than Jiu Jitsu I wouldn’t listen to that advice like I’m good at Jujitsu man I’m


a screw-up in a million different ways I try to be a nice person but and I’m you know man I’ll own it I’m not the


brightest guy I say dumb things sometimes I’ll own it and uh 100 it’s just like this idea that you have these


people that are like wise because they know how to beat someone up man no that’s the dumbest thing ever I mean


you’re not going up to like you know a major league baseball player and ask him for tips on life because he can hit a


ball hard like you know what I mean sure it makes no sense that is a really good point you’re not like hey Conor McGregor how do I keep my marriage healthy yeah


yeah you know I mean like you just don’t do these things man and like it’s this idea that like guys that are teaching


you martial arts are an expert anything but martial arts and some of them like lean into it and they lean into being


like a guru and like an expert on just everything yeah and then they start telling you about like how to live your


life and they start telling you about like you know all other aspects are going to be marriage dating money any of that and


uh back awake quickly man like yeah like don’t back away slowly like run at that


point because you don’t hump you around that man it’s just bad news yeah I fortunately I haven’t had it like I


haven’t had that bad experience at Gym X I’ve only been with my one gym now and I think it’s it’s like you say it’s like it’s like a little family there you know


that’s how it should be man that’s always how it should be and you know the best thing whenever you go into a Jiu


Jitsu gym if anybody’s listening you ever think about Jiu Jitsu gym when you go into a gym look around and see how


many like long-term members there are if that gym has been there for 10 years and there’s


not like you know purple brown and black belts where are they going you know what I mean because if they’re not sticking


around something’s up with that there’s some reason for that it’s a good point like my guys I’ll tell you some of my


guys will be in our 80s we’ll still be talking about Jiu Jitsu or something man 100 because they know like no matter


what happens man I got their back and they’re just such good friends and all that and we’ve got a lot of OG’s there I


do man you know one of my one of my guys uh Fernando uh you know he hasn’t trained with me in a couple years and he


went into the military and he contacted me this week in two weeks he’s officially uh going to be entering a


Special Forces Unit no way that’s pretty sick actually and he contacted me man and I was so happy for him and you know


when he found out I got my black belt he called me really he called me just to talk with me and I have another student


who’s in the hospital right now having some issues yeah called me just to congratulate and just to talk about like


being proud of me for the things I’ve done and I woke at these people and what they’re doing with their lives and it’s


like man what I do is kind of goofy I roll around the ground like trying to like choke people and bend their arms


and legs the wrong way what these people are doing is incredible and like I see so many things they do day to day and


you hear about things they’ve done in the past in their lives and it’s like man it’s amazing and you just don’t know


yeah right yeah man that’s why it is cool like I said earlier you’re like rolling around people’s like all day


like you don’t talk about anything really other than like in in that moment but it’s kind of nice it’s like a little Escape it’s the best yeah it’s like it’s


so meditative it’s also meditative because like especially I find it whenever I mean like when you’re when


you’re rolling live or whenever you’re like sparring like with like Thai boxing and stuff when people are trying to hit you you can’t really think about


anything else you’re just like you’re locked in right there for like a couple hours and it’s


nice yeah nothing around you matters yeah you can’t you can’t really be stressed yeah yeah I mean it you know


you’re just the opposite of the game yeah like you’d think you’d be stressed because someone’s trying to kill you but you’re very like at peace kind of well I


mean I’ve had those days where someone’s legit just well right yeah that’s the thing man if you’re ever


working with anybody that clearly does not have your safety in mind


don’t work with them man I went to uh Carlson Gracie when I was probably from like 13 to 15. and when I was 15 like my


last year I was in there there was this guy like full grown like 45 year old guy


on roids like you could literally see the freaking marks on his arms oh he would try to kill me he got kicked


out of the juice like come here you little he would flip me over like my dad at one point was like Hey because he’d always like sit down and watch at


the end of the mat like a sparring yeah and like usually when you go with an older guy and you’re 15 he’s gonna let you kind of get on him or he’s going to


show you hey you know what you want to put your arm here this guy would just pick me up and throw me on the mat and then he’s like start choking I’d


like hey slow down this guy did it so many times to kids he got kicked out of the gym yeah but like what a prick yeah


what are you doing honestly yeah honestly honestly tall you’re a grown man you know it was man that kid with the Bieber


hair got him he’s so mad about it it’s so true yeah but no man there’s dudes out there that


just don’t care about you and the thing is like if you’re gonna train with somebody that does not have your safety


in mind and they’re just trying to kill you man don’t do it Go compete exactly you know what I mean go out there and


compete because you know going into that because if we’re working in the gym I’m looking out for your safety and then


you’re actually trying to like injure me and you’re gonna crank us a mission or something man like you know tell me that


front and be like okay we’re we’re actually fighting and like it’s a different thing and you know I was never


a big competition guy man uh I was always a terrible athlete so going into it every time I do something cool I’m


like man that’s weird I can do that now and like it still trips me out a little bit because like I was so bad when I


started this I couldn’t do any of it I I was such a slow learner I had to stay and put in hours and hours and hours and


I would be you know I would stay for like two three hours after class and just work on things and um I just tried


to figure it out and it was so difficult for me man and being such a terrible athlete I knew early on I was not going


to be some great competitor I didn’t want to fool myself because you see some guys where it’s like man you know you’re


not in the physical shape you’re not coordinated you’re not putting the work and sometimes they just want to test


themselves and I respect that I do but you know the risk reward just didn’t


seem right for me I did two tournaments and I’m glad I did them and I had a good


experience getting out there and going after it second one I did pretty well first one oh did not go my way man it


was rough second one I did pretty well you you went to you yeah I did I did Fuji yeah yeah that was a good first one


and then like it was it’s definitely good to do if you haven’t done it because it just shows


like you’re just so tired like you know oh yeah either you could be right


after or you could be like 10 minutes like I thought like I was a white bone I did I was in the white building I was like I was like I think I’ll do pretty


good yeah I got smoked but I was also I didn’t cut any weight yeah I was I was


180 so it was a and I was with kids that were enormous you get some big boys man that’s such a steroid heavy


sport too oh yeah steroids are such a big part man like gorgeous they don’t


they don’t test and some of the guys like are pretty open about the fact they’re taking stuff and I appreciate


the guys that are honest about it but I do worry like kids are gonna think like that’s what they should do yeah and you


know like some of these guys have doctors working through it so they can do it safely and like man don’t mess


with that stuff that’s like that’s such a I think that’s like a barrier that’s going to keep them from getting really big like as a sport because it’s a


problem because if you think about it every sport that’s big has testing and testing UFC’s domain testing


but people there’s still people that slip by obviously but I feel like a sport like that where it’s like not like


a priority for that it’s like I think it’s a barrier of like just yeah you know from game big you know I mean because like people just like you’re


like oh they’re all juicy and this isn’t a real sport I feel like it’s it’s really growing and it’s kind of building up for sure and I think it’s


going to get to a certain level and they will have to clean it up at some point and I really hope they do man yeah guys


like Gordon are like really bringing it’s like more of a spotlight I feel like yeah and and he’s a joke he’s obviously on him right yeah he talks


about it he talks about openly though right he cracks me up so Gordon I’ve never heard him flat out just say he’s


taking stuff but he said things like somebody said uh something about him being on like juicing and Beyond


steroids and he goes I’m as clean as every other athlete in this sport yeah and I love that man and he does things


like yeah he there was one he was at a juice bar and the juice bar had this


giant neon sign that said juice or die and he took a selfie with the juice or die like he plays with it he knows he


knows he’s doing and the thing is like he’s honest about it man I appreciate that and um I just I worry kids are


gonna think that’s what they have to do man and I hate that because again most people don’t know what they’re doing you’re gonna have people having


long-term issues they’re really going to screw themselves up yeah it’s a very science-oriented thing like there’s a lot of thought into it yeah


a little bit and it wasn’t my big thing and I’ll roll hard in the gym you know I mean I have no problem with that I


didn’t like them but I did his competition yeah and like we’re always rolling and some days you’re rolling


hard in others and when I visit some gyms if it’s a gym where they go real hard all the time sometimes it takes me


a little bit to like adjust to the PACE you know what I mean because some gyms are much faster paced and it takes a


little bit but it’s the same techniques and same things so like you know I usually get used to it after a week or


two and then it’s like okay yeah I can hang again I’m you know in a good spot but um usually I’m a little bit more


laid back with it because again for me the main purpose is that mental health and physical health benefit it’s just


you know you feel better you get a little bit better shape you can defend yourself like it’s all these things put


together but man nothing more than mental health I mean that’s the biggest aspect for me and anytime I’m dealing


with an injury it’s so tough for me you know I mean it even like work sound like the physical side of me it’s just exercise in general it’s like the


dopamine burst yeah exercise and then also being around people and like positive stuff I mean it like it


chemically is working in your benefit to do something like that yeah like whenever people talk to me and they say


like oh I’m depressed it’s what do you do physically yeah and it’s like you have to do something physically and I’ll tell you medications help me a lot but


physical activity is the main thing and being able to try to set some amount of


routine and I’m terrible about that because I still have like there’s nights I’ll be up till 5 30 in the morning and


I have like it’s not like full-blown manic episodes but I’ll be freaking out man like things will get in my head and


like it could be things that somebody said or something that happened like 10 years ago it stuck in my head and all of


a sudden I’ll think about obsessing with it and I won’t get to sleep till like you know 5 36 and then maybe I gotta be


at the gym in the morning and I show up and you can see it I got the dark circles stuff like that yeah but I’m


always gonna be smiling I’m always gonna make it fun you’re never gonna see a day where i’m gonna act like a downer like


that’s not acceptable because as instructor I bring the energy to a gym I make it fun man and if I’m not making it


fun I’m failing at my job when you come in you should be having a blast you should be having a good time and you should


feel safe man and it’s the combination of that it should be fun it should be safe and it has to be effective if


you’re learning something and there is no resistance and you’re just walking through it you don’t know that thing man


until you’re using it live against people that are trying to get you you don’t really know and you know early on


and that’s the thing I was doing Thai boxing I started off hitting pads all the time and I was like man I’m really


getting tough I could hit the pad so hard and my cardio got really good then you go to spar and somebody’s punching


the face and a lot of that technique just goes right out the window you’re like oh wow I suck man and um building


from there and wearing to relax more and not try to like throw things hard and just play and figure it out and get the


time and get the range it’s the same the way it’s Jiu Jitsu man being able to flow and figure out the movements and


how to move your own body and then how to like pin people and hold them down like little things like that and


learning how to do it without using a ton of effort and then slowly speeding it up and adding resistance and then


when you go live and you’re put under pressure then use everything you got man and there’s been times I’m like using


every muscle in my body you know you know you do that this idea that you don’t use any strength you choose Jiu


Jitsu no man you’re when you’re rolling you’re going that’s good or whenever it’s like a real match it’s it’s the


weirdest muscles are sore for a week oh yeah it’s it’s it’s tough obviously especially when you’re going for like an


hour straight like like I was even sore um uh after Wednesday you know so because we were rolling for like an hour


there oh yeah I was there rolling until like 11 11 30. that’s crazy and I mean well I was I was talking and


taking pictures of people and doing that and I started getting more rounds and all that and like I got in quite a bit and man like I train so much smarter now


and it’s like I’m so much healthier than I was and I managed to get my diet to a better place


um you know I I worked with somebody uh who is the CEO for the company Factor


they do meal prep and all that and they are fantastic I highly recommend them and working with him he told me a little


bit better if you want to sponsor this yeah we’re here oh I talked with him and I was like man I’m gonna try because I


already thought about meal prep so I gave them a shot and man it’s fantastic and I’m down like 20 25 pounds now no


way yeah that was 195 I’m at about 169 170 right now which is crazy wow and I


train so much smarter I’m not getting injured all the time because there’s a couple things uh so going into


Jiu Jitsu I really like myself so we got that factor I’m like you know well sounds low sense of self-worth all that


I want to learn the real thing so I want to make sure it’s legit and I’m very


competitive and I don’t like to lose so there were times where oh I should have tapped and I did not tap and oh I found


out man I found out and that’s one of the reasons I’m so sensitive about white and blue belts getting hurt early on is


because they don’t know and I didn’t totally know I would get broke off sometimes in like my first month of Jiu


Jitsu I had a guy who was an absolute jerk pop my elbow completely out and it


popped back in and then I couldn’t lift more than four pounds with that arm and remember I’d been lifting a lot and I


couldn’t lift more than four pounds I had to do a bunch of physical therapy and uh dude it was hard to come back and


I mean I had times where I popped like a knee out right you know um my favorite was like the one that’s


the craziest uh I had a time I was helping a friend get ready for his hand amateur MMA fight it was like his first


MMA fight and he was so excited Uganda no no no no not that yeah I mean I


I storytell but I can introduce it so um anyways uh one day I’m helping this guy


get ready for an amateur MMA fight and you know I get punched in the eye pretty good and I get pretty nice sized black


eye and I’m like no big deal you know I mean I’m going to train the next day the next day I go in I get need in the side


of the head on the same size of the eye and I’m like oh it feels a little funny you know it feels so weird I’m like ah


who cares I’m training tomorrow so I went in the next day and I was the dummy for a choke you know I mean it


demonstrates to a class and uh Tim who just gave me my black belt I mean he’s the best dude man


um he’s demonstrates triangle choke it’s so tight man I feel the pressure building and all of a sudden something


in the back of my eyeball pops oh I feel something in my eye like in the


back just pop like something pursed and for about a month I couldn’t move my


eyes side to side in my head I had to turn my whole head I had to like Batman and um


if it for yes I did not see a doctor I was just like I want to go back to


training man I just ignored it and kept going because again not the brightest


man I do some pretty dumb things you know I mean uh there’s tough and there’s being really stupid and uh I’m


definitely a little bit both probably much more stupid than tough anyways so


um that was my favorite and it you know later on I had an optometrist to look at it and he did like the scan thing and


you could see a spider web where in the back of my eye where it like had burst and you can actually see yeah where


there’s scar tissue and now if I uh don’t get enough sleep or if I’m like


really stressed out I get like this little throbbing pain and oh I feel it man oh I feel it like I get that one and


then uh this left elbow it gets stuck I try straight murm it’s like oh it’s not going and I have to like bend it and


like get it to pop back where it’s supposed to be and then I’ve had my ankles ripped I almost had to have a full ankle reconstruction on my I want


to say my right I think my left was the other one again mixed up if I had my shoes off I just look okay which one has


the giant lump on it it’s like oh yeah that’s the good one um that’s the good one man the other


one’s the bad one so I had so many crazy injuries I got choked unconscious so many times man and like I was so


stubborn I’d be like you’re not gonna get behind me and then next thing you know I’m like drooling and I’ll never


forget the first time the first time my buddy Brian got me as a room naked joke and I’m like man I’m not giving up I’m


gonna get him I’m gonna show him I’m better like I’ve been working so hard he’s got to choke and I’m pulling his arm down pulling his arm down and I’m


fighting and fighting and fighting and all of a sudden I’m on an airplane and that airplane is plummeting towards the


ground it’s shaking like crazy but I have a Jack and Coke so I really don’t care so I’m just like drinking my


Jack and Coke and the planes Plumbing down everybody’s screaming but I was so peaceful I was so happy I’m just sitting


there with my drink and right before the plane hit the ground I wake up and he’s holding my feet up and he’s shaking my


feet oh no and he was like you almost died I’m like ah I’m good now let’s roll


again and he you know he’s a good friend he forced me to take one round off and I was back at it and uh there’s been


plenty of times where I get choked out and I wake up and I just start growing again I’m like it’s fine let’s just go


let’s keep going yeah I’m like no big deal I’ve been here before uh you know I’ve been on this this whole ride many


times I had one time recently where a guy got me I’d started off over waxed and he got me at this sneaky choke and


he puts me out and I wake up and I was like I was a little mad about it and you


know he’s my buddy but I’m competitive and I look at the timer and there’s still like four minutes on the round so


I weigh wake up and I’m like I got four minutes I gotta get him as many times as possible in that four minutes so I leg


locked him like I think I got him like four or five times and that you know four minute period just going for it over and over and over again


um but yeah man I have uh I’ve taken a few naps just just a few years I’ve gone to sleep a few times yeah the guy gave


my black belt oh my God he’s put me out multiple times to a point where and he’s a really tough guy you know I mean but


he came up to me he’s like hey I don’t want you to die you should probably like tap a little earlier because like yeah


you shouldn’t die doing this and um you know it was always in the back of my head it was like man if I go out you


know like this is it I’m doing something I love it’s like hey man we’re gonna know it’s a real thing it’s nice and


Furious see coming back to it again kind of tough yeah really stupid you


know what I mean hey I’ll own it man I’ll own it and um here here’s another good one for you so I’ve only had to


have one surgery from Jiu Jitsu and I did have to have one and it was a freak thing and I broke this finger and you


can see I got a big scar on it oh thanks bro I broke my like two toes and a finger it’s the worst in


the world like I probably broken like a dozen total over the years you know I mean it’s just happened but this one


we had an in-house tournament and I wanted to win so bad because again if I’m up if I’m there and I’m on the spot


I’m very competitive so I feel it snap it gets condom and it snaps man and uh


I feel it and it’s like man I’m just going to tape it to a finger next to it after so I just keep going and I go for


about another 15 minutes because I want to win and I’m like you could see me grip my teeth and people saw it break


and you know I’m just going I just kept going and they eventually called it a draw and you know the whole thing ended


and so uh after class I realized I can’t tie my shoes like I’m like huh remember


I break a finger I could still use my hands pretty well and I had to have this kid tie my shoes this this real sweet


kid helped me out and then like I get home and time passes and I’m icing it and everything I go see a doctor and


it’s a spiral fracture and they tell me like okay just don’t let anybody bump it


anything like that and uh you know it might heal straight So eventually the


swelling goes down and I close my hand and that finger folds like outside my


palm and like it’s way out there so you know they present me my options and


they’re like okay we could do the surgery it’ll put it back together and they told me the recovery time and I was


like man that’s a long time to be away from Jiu Jitsu and again if I’m not physically training it’s so taxing on my


mental health it’s like a huge risk for me you know what I mean because I start to fall apart again like I have to be physically


doing something and uh so I’m like kind of freaked out I’m like man that’s a long time to be out and they say the


other option would be to let it heal and you’re gonna have arthritis to be very painful and you’re not going to have


great function because of the way it Folds so I like here are these options and I’m


like thinking about it and thinking about it and again like not the


brightest but I have this idea and I say okay if you amputate that finger can I


get back on the mat sooner and I’m like yeah and I’m like if you amputate the finger and you just cut that finger off


can I get back to training sooner than the recovery time if you do the surgery and uh I got the funniest look from them


and like I was dead serious man because like you know and I at the time I was so


desperate and I was like so freaked out the aspect of not being able to train physically I was like yeah I’ll give up


that finger if it means I could get back on the map I mean look at John Jack Machado they’re going to the bathroom too he was he was a guy who really


looked up to watching him too man because like I used to have this thing where I would like tear at like my


fingers and it’s like an obsessive compulsive thing and when I started by your nails well it’s kind of like that


it’s like ripping at the skin I do it all the time yeah and like my fingers would get like raw yeah like it


hurts and um there’s a name for it I always forget I went on read it and read about things like that and it’s somewhat


common a lot of people deal with it and I would get it so bad it would be like down into my hand oh like really


bad it was terrible and it was super embarrassing and every once while someone you’d notice and they’d be like your hands really red what’s going on


and you know I would just never answer I would just like change the subject something like that be like oh don’t


worry about it well it made it really hard to hold the ghee like because my hands hurt so bad some days if it was


real bad I was having these issues I couldn’t hold the key well so guys like John Jacques Machado and Marcelo Garcia


was my guy and watching them and seeing how they just used overhooks and underhooks well I could do that you know


I mean like I could do all the nogi grips and not have a lot of pain but if you ask me to hold on to a ghee and like


fight with the ghee and hold the sleeve some like that you know my fingers were already like so Raw it’s like you know I


couldn’t do much and I really struggled with it so I really like gravity head towards working without the ghee and


following these guys that were the nogi guys and I kind of fell into that crowd and later on it kind of wed towards me


going out and meeting the 10th Planet guys and meeting like Eddie Bravo and working with all those guys some of the


nicest guys in the sport too just incredibly good just great guys man and


I would go out to Chicago and visit uh Josh passini who’s a coach out there he’s a wonderful coach and I would go


out there and hang out with those guys man and that crowd that’s a tough room man they get after it they work very


hard and uh you know I went out there first I was really getting my ass kicked and slowly started to adapt and get


better and get better and uh man they were so positive about everything and like I was at a tournament and they were


doing a team photo and they had all their guys there and they’re like man you come and train with us get in this


photo You Belong With Us you’re one of our guys too man Even though even if you’re somewhere else they made me feel


like accepted and they really did look out for me man and you need somebody encouraging you when you do this stuff I


mean especially early on like when it was early on and I was going I was getting my ass kicked so bad that I


would like walk off the mat because I would go to a point of exhaustion like I would be dead I’d walk off the mat I’d


go straight to the bathroom I’d break down crying man because it’s like I wasn’t good enough I wanted it so bad I


wanted to be good at this thing because I loved it so much I’d break down and I’d kind of like try and make it look


like I was okay and then go back out and roll more and there was this guy Glenn and he would give me the shortest like


little Atta boys and he would just be like you know doing good man getting


tough keep going keep going and he’d be like he’d come up to me pull me off to the side he’d just be like it’d always


be something short but he just encouraged me and man stuff like that keeps you going you know I mean you need


some of that and some of those guys I’ll never forget them build me up man because like getting my black belt like


it’s cool like and you know everybody’s like congratulations to you and you know


man for me it’s like congratulations to all of us because like I’m this thing that these guys build all these


fantastic people like help me to get to this point because again I never believed myself I didn’t think I’d do


any of this and like I tried really hard but I was never like man I always looked at people I’d be like man I’m never


gonna be as good as that guy I’m never gonna tap that guy and uh you know eventually I started getting a little


better and people would encourage me and they’d Build Me Up and they just pushed me a try and try again no matter how


many times I lost and uh you know later on I got introduced to wrestling I never wrestled man I know how I wrestle I


thought wrestling was just if you were like in Crazy strong and had crazy cardio and that was all about I started


to learn like how wrestling can be really Technical and you know I had a guy named Eric Hendricks really introduce that to me and I really got


deep into it and um you know now I love wrestling wrestling is incredible I’m not great at it I’m always trying to get


better um you know you’re always studying you’re always getting those rounds you’re always trying to improve and it’s


just you’re always working at man and there was a Nate robleski who I gotta call out here he was the guy that got me


into heel Hooks and he was teaching me what Marcelo Garcia and Ryan Hall were doing and man these guys just built me


and I’m like what they have made you know I mean I sure I’ve worked hard I


showed up I put in the effort and I knit I didn’t quit but without these guys I’d be nothing I mean absolutely and uh yeah


man like I’m kind of proud of myself but these guys that’s crazy well it’s these


guys man I just they’ve been so incredible to like help out somebody that was so like uncoordinated in such


lousy shape yeah and just you know had my story and you know how my old friends


are like you know not around anymore like a lot of them with drugs suicide bad things happened man and some of the


ones that I used to hang out with they’re not doing so well today man and like you know I see them it’s like man I


want to see him yeah I mean it’s just like they’re still in that spot are they really yeah some of them never got out


of that man they never got into something positive and they’re still I mean they work hard man and I know so


many guys they’re great guys they’re working out there hard right now working at the bars working in warehouses


putting in work man and you know especially the guys taking care of their families like my buddy Josh is so you


know he’s taking care of his family he’s doing what he’s got to do and he works hard I’m proud of him man and uh you


know my guy Rob of New York I mean you know he’s driving a a gas truck you know what I mean it’s just like you know you


don’t hear much about these guys but these guys are incredible what they do is such a big deal like me getting a


belt for rolling around the ground with dudes like it seems kind of silly man when I think about what these guys are


doing yeah I mean it’s just you know the the guy that goes and does a nine-to-five job and takes care of his


family you know a lot of people look at that’s just what you’re supposed to do but there’s a lot of people that don’t do that man they just walk away and like


the guys that really put in the effort and they’re like you know and they’re still positive like you know my guy


Richie Richie is a professional bodybuilder yeah he has something like 12 titles and I’ll tell you


he wakes up every day and he lifts early in the morning he whips in work boots and work clothes


he doesn’t wear any fancy like gym stuff he works out his work boots and he kills himself he works hard and then he goes


to work he’s working as a plumber and he does physical labor like manual labor for you know eight ten hours then what’s


he do he goes home he lifts again damn then what’s he doing after that he comes


to my classes in the class yeah yeah and he kills people and if I have to do happy every time he’s happy every time


he’s positive with everybody some new kid who’s like 14 15 asks him about like weightlifting ask him for like tips man


he helps him he takes the time like so many guys would be like look it up online like go read a book man he takes


the time and he really encourages people it’s there’s so many people I know they’re like that they’re just good people out there doing positive things


and some of them are minor things man just being nice to people day to day my guy Josh you know I hang out with him


and I watched him every single person he talked to he was so like for friendly and respectful and he treat everybody


right and that’s what martial arts should be man and sometimes it’s not it’s not all the Bowing it’s not calling


people sir it’s not like the uniform it’s treating people right intriguing people with respect and understanding


people are going to fail and you have to help build them back up encourage them to do something great and that’s what


this stuff taught me that’s what this stuff does and that’s why I try to do for people and every time a student walks in that door whatever their Walk


of Life whatever their physical ability like I don’t care if there ever be a World Champ I care about like the spirit


are you gonna put in the effort are you gonna come in and fail and do it again and if you keep coming in I’m gonna push


you I’m gonna push you to whatever you’re capable of you know what I mean I’m not just gonna let people beat on


you I’m gonna push you to a limit that you can grow and I’m gonna try and encourage you to just get better and


better and better man and hopefully that reflects in all aspects of your life and it helps


I mean yeah man yeah it is it is powerful and then there was one thing


that um we were kind of talking about a little bit earlier when uh like the origination of the leg lock and such with like the Gracie family oh she


always tells us yeah you gotta you gotta tell somebody because I know they got a lot of so well I mean here’s the


thing man the Gracies are absolutely incredible they are man and we wouldn’t be here without the Gracies and


sometimes I I talk about things that are like Gracie history and people say like


you know it some of it’s kind of controversial and they’ll say oh you can’t say bad things about The Graces


it’s it’s not even them saying bad things most of the time you know I mean there’s some things yeah I don’t agree


with and you know when it comes down to it it’s kind of like they did incredible things and then they’re exaggerated a


bit you know I mean Elio Gracie went against a guy who was 40 pounds heavier they say he was 80 pounds heavier


um they say Julio crazy the one that got me they would always say oh he was very sickly and he couldn’t go up a flight of


stairs without you know having trouble breathing things like that um man there’s pictures of him on the


high school swim team I’ll tell you yeah he was an athlete I would like to be in that kind of shape like now you know


what I mean I’m like damn bro he’s he’s in good shape you know what I mean and you know sometimes you know they’ll make


it sound like the Gracie’s invented leverage you know like they they invented some great things man they did


some great work let’s not get too crazy with it though and the thing is I feel


like when you exaggerate something and then people find out one detail is like


exaggerated they question things and all of a sudden the things that they legitly did they’re incredible kind of get lost


and they lose some power you know they lose a little bit of power because you know


you start to question all of it and that’s kind of a problem when it comes to Gracies is sometimes you hear and it


the thing is there’s a large number of different pieces of the Gracie family some of them like each other some of


them don’t um it always cracks me up I meet so many people that want to talk


about the Gracie family all the time Carlson Gracie Jr lives in Chicago


he lives here like he has a gym in Chicago and I talk to these guys and Gracie this


Gracie that okay have you gone out and taken one of his classes or gone to a seminar like he’s right here you know


what I mean you can meet one of the actual guys you could go talk to him and I’ve heard he’s a great guy man I’ve always heard good things and it’s like


you know and uh part of it with me too is hero worship I hate hero worship


because I think it’s dangerous you know I mean it’s dangerous because you start looking up to somebody and you get this


myth that this person is perfect and then you meet them and they always say don’t meet your Heroes yeah yeah and


like a lot of time you get real disappointed man and uh yeah it’s it’s not a good way to go you


know I mean don’t put anybody up on pedestal it’s more kind of like what did they really do what do you really know


about them and I’ll tell you so I got my black belt and they there’s a thing like belt lineage in Jiu Jitsu and that’s you


know tracing who got their belt from where and things like that and um you


know like who is your instructor’s instructor and things like that and it used to be a way to look and see if


somebody was credible because you know did they learn from you know credible people and now there’s so much


information people are so good people are amazing today that um you know it’s less of it’s focused on much less and uh


there’s a lot of famous guys that people will you know pay and really go out there and you know guys will pay for a


bell and you know they go out and then they have the famous guy’s name attached to them


but do they know the famous guy is he a good person you have and he’s good Jujitsu but you’re going to wear


his name every day and you don’t know him true that’s the thing man and like you know and then maybe you hear stories


maybe you like some of the guys aren’t as great people as a lot of people like act like they are you hear


things and you’re like man and so over the years I started to question about


like wearing you know gear that had people’s names out and things like that


and it came down to like I like representing the guys I know so my belt lineage is Tim thielen that’s it


that’s my guy man because I know Tim Tim does the right right thing by people he


takes care of people I’ve seen him go out of his way to help people that he could have just ignored and you know he


trains his ass off his son is like killing it and wrestling and he’s dealing with this injury right now and


like he had to have surgery to put this collarbone back together and uh Tim actually came and did my black belt


promotion um leaving his son at home and that was insanely tough for him and that’s the


thing he cares so much and he went right back to take care of his son as he should and it’s just like I’ve seen him


be a stand-up guy I’ve seen him be a good person that’s the name I want man I don’t care if it’s some famous guy like


if I had the famous guy on there that’s cool like people that know a little bit about Jiu Jitsu maybe that impresses


them but guys that know Tim they know that’s a big deal man because


if Tim is vouching for me and Tim’s saying like hey he’s good at this and Tim wouldn’t give a belt to somebody


that was you know a bad person he wouldn’t give it to somebody it was you know a jerk out there hurting people and


being a prick and um you know I’m very proud to represent that name man that


means a lot to me and some guys will laugh and be like yeah I got my belt from you know


so and so they got their belt from the Gracies and we have the direct lineage I don’t care I don’t care man you know I


mean like what can you do on the map are you good yeah at the end of the day it’s all solved pretty quickly right yeah


that’s a thing you roll in man I’m by no means a big deal I do all right but


there’s plenty of guys that can kill me you know I mean I know that I’ve worked with very good people and uh that


doesn’t mean every day I’m not thinking and plotting against them I want to tap everybody I never lose to anybody and go


yeah I was supposed to lose no I I have a buddy that comes into town and I roll


with him and he’s 325 pounds and I start in bottom half guard every


time and he smashes me I get smushed man and like you never hear me walk away and


go oh it’s okay I lost because he’s big because when you start making excuses like that you’re like oh it’s okay I


lost he’s a big guy or you go oh it’s okay I lost he’s younger or he’s


stronger he’s in better shape he’s flexible I mean man at what point do you


just say like okay the excuses are enough yeah I mean because when you start making excuses and you make it okay to lose


it just you’re not going to progress man like of course you’re going to lose everybody loses but every time I lose


it’s like what could I have done better and even if it’s an impossible situation and it’s some monster that have no


chance against I’m still thinking man maybe I could have tricked him and done like something else here and maybe I can


sneak him and get that leg lock maybe I can do something to get a joke like I’m always like plotting against them in


some way I’m never just gonna walk away and be like it’s okay I lost no I mean I


mean you know sometimes I’ll lose a little sleep if I get tapped out too many times I’m like sitting up at night and I’m


like oh man sure do you do that I feel like I did here I get irritated as when I have a bad day where I


get tapped a bunch right oh yeah Drew just be mad all day he just sits in the Park yeah like there’s so many


killers in this game it’s like it happens every day oh yeah man it ain’t good gym you’re gonna get lit up when you’re new and that so here’s the


one I always ask everybody I know you’ve done it and I know you’ve


done it driving home with no music on Staring Straight Ahead just


yeah yeah yeah I usually what I usually do is if I get and if I get hit if somebody hits somebody hits something


on me I usually throw on videos online of like yeah that’s what you should I usually do yeah I watch like and I watch


stuff like right before I go into the gym if like if I’m like trying to work like I usually work like if I’m working


submission I’ll usually work that one submission for like like a period of time until I got that down that’s how you learn it that’s how that’s how I


usually do then I move on like okay I got arm triangles let’s move on to triangles let’s get really good in the triangles from guard and I’ll do it that


way always cracks me up I show new guys and I’m like here’s a triangle choke and they do it like five times they’re like


what else you got it’s like man you need to be working on this at that point in the time I spent six months where for


six months the only submission I was doing was we’re naked choke and just trying to get as much as possible and everything else was like I try to avoid


everything else to do this one thing and that’s how you develop the skill and um there was a while there I like to call


my shot on people and I would be like I’m gonna tap you with this thing like I’d say and for me I love doing Twisters


because they’re really fun money and to me anything in Jiu Jitsu that’s really funny is worth like extra points because


I I’m entertaining myself with that one man and so like I would tell people I’d be like I’m gonna twister you I’m not


gonna do any other submission I’m gonna get you in a twister and they know it’s coming and if they uh


if they can’t stop it and I get it I look like I’m really good is that what that’s when you’re in top half guard and


you go under the arm and you pull their head right yeah I mean not from Top Hat but I can show you I can show you but


like yeah right here on the table we’ll get a video but like it’s a spinal compression


lock I like it because I can hold it and do it real slowly and I’m real nice to people when I do it you know I don’t


hurt people and I got too real slow and I have a good laugh with it and it’s it’s a funny submission to do and so I


would tell people it’s coming and like if I get it on him after I told them that looks like I’m awesome and if I don’t get it I get mad and now I get


like super focused on getting it the next time and I have a buddy who’s really good and I told him for this


month I’m only gonna get you with twisters and then you know I couldn’t get him so I’d work harder and harder


and harder trying to get it and I got much better trying to get him even though I didn’t have success with it and


then later on when we rolled again like a couple months later I started getting them with it and it was like yes he


helped me build that that’s the best when you start hitting it like you’re like when you start hitting it doesn’t you can drill it all you want when you


when you’re hitting it live in a roll that’s like when I’m like yes I got like I usually I I believe that if you strangle wipe 10


minutes yeah yeah 10 minutes we’re good uh when you uh


um just practicing strangling white belts first it sounds terrible what am I doing no I just put it on camera yeah


he’s gonna do it no no that’s okay you can put that in there I don’t mind yeah


since we got like since we got 10 minutes you got to tell the stories about Gracie and like the newspaper


articles about like the uh the almost arrest and things like that uh well and


mean again you can research these and you can really they’re all real they’re online like it’s it’s good yeah so there


was a book that came out that was like newspaper articles about the Gracies in the history of jujitsu it’s very


interesting and there was an attack on a guy I think his name was uh rufino dos


Santos and uh they jumped him and they beat him up hit him with a metal box and they injured him pretty severely and


they were looking at two years in prison man it was like a big deal and there’s some things that come out and you’re like man it’s not so great you know I


mean it makes you question things but again it’s not all of them and it’s incidents a big part of it too is I


think people have this idea that respectful martial artist is like you


know I must fight you for my honor you know I mean in reality they’re like cursing at you like I’m gonna kick your


ass man yeah like you know I mean they’re like it gets heated and it’s a very different thing it’s like talking


trash and getting ugly and uh there was a thing called The Gracie challenge where the Gracies would just fight


anybody who came on it’s part of how they got known was releasing videos of them killing people from other martial


arts it just well not killing you know beating them up and uh they did for a long time and it was a


big thing came around well there was a brother that did named Hobb and Gracie and he went and did one and a


guy showed up who was a fighter and challenged him to it and uh have been lost and he lost that one it’s really


the only one I know of they ever lost and right afterwards and he was like


this French MMA fighter who took him down got the top half guard and kind of beat him up and uh after he lost they


started like you may win this guy like threatening this guy and being like oh we’re gonna kick your ass and we’re gonna come and get you and all this


stuff and then uh you know this is debated but he claims they showed up as


work jumped him while he’s working as a bar back and started beating the out of him and then got chased out of


there at gunpoint so it’s like they’re stories like this man and hey man like


you know like whenever you hear something it’s always interesting to hear like everybody’s point of view because again history is written by the


winners you know what I mean but sometimes there’s more to the story and I always like to hear the whole story I


want to know everything man but again it’s one of those things where some of it can be iffy but did they do amazing


things oh yeah man they did some incredible things but it’s kind of like uh you know they did some things that


weren’t so cool to hear about the other parts you know yeah exactly yeah it’s cool it’s like anyone it’s always bad apples yeah well it’s so interesting too


because great you know you have Gracie Jiu Jitsu you have Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Jiu Jitsu has changed so much that if


you go to a gym and you learn jiu jitsu you may not be wearing the same martial art and other Brazilian Jiu Jitsu gym


because like you have the sport of gee Jiu Jitsu I’m not very good at that I’ll


tell you like I’m okay I know some of it I do okay and basic Jiu Jitsu translates very well if you know one you do pretty


well but still there’s things in the ghee that I’m not great at there’s no gee sport Jiu Jitsu which is a lot of


the leg locks and a lot of like more wrestling then you have self-defense Jiu Jitsu and self-defense Jiu Jitsu you


have like old school like self-defense you know like techniques like you know


knives and guns and things like that and I had very little interest in that very


little and then you have MMA Jiu Jitsu which is totally different because you’re using a cage in order to stand up


and you know you’re controlling top position and you’re looking for the strikes while in Jiu Jitsu usually you


don’t want to strike you don’t want to cause damage to a guy past like maybe holding them in a submission and getting


them to quit you know I mean so it’s kind of a different thing it’s very interesting and you know now Jiu Jitsu is like equal man it’s it’s very


different where you go and different styles for different people too man some people might be really into a


self-defense thing it’s not for me but maybe they’re into it some people might really like the ghee for me I couldn’t


hold it very well because my hands so I was like man it’s not for me nogi was my thing right away man


yeah I was never a GE guy man I was never a gee Guy and um I always felt like it kind of leaned into like helping


the strong guy because if you have crazy strong grips yeah nogi it’s like I could spin around and do things and like I


could kind of work it’s also like not quite as practical I feel like in a lot of cases using Atlanta pens man the


biggest difference between two isn’t even necessarily the grips to me it’s the friction and the friction of the


ghee does change things and it really boils down to this if you want to get good at offense do nogi everything has


to be tighter in nogi so your submissions have to be much tighter because there is less friction people slip out more easily but if you’re used


to less friction your defense and your escapes don’t have to be as good they don’t be as technical you could try to


explode out of things and you know try to get things to slip oh and the key there’s you’re not going


to slip you know I mean there’s that friction so you have to be more technically minded on defense and uh you


know there’s nothing wrong with either one I have my favorite I think everybody should do a little bit of both but


I’m gonna tell you a focus on nogi I’m gonna tell you to come to Misfits to jiu jitsu in St Charles man Misfits Jiu


Jitsu come do some nogi man and uh you know that’s what that’s why I’m gonna


recommend to people yeah yeah get the get the stuff you’re not Chuck people throwing belts yeah yeah I just think


it’s more practical like almost like in like obviously it’s not like quite like self-defense Jutsu but like if you want to talk about like actual like


confrontation I think it’s like the most transferable thing well you know the thing I really like about nogi in the


ghee everybody’s wearing the belt and sometimes you’ll have a guy wearing like a higher belt sure and he’s not all that


good and nogi nobody’s wearing a belt you don’t know yeah you just walk around


the room you see who’s rolling you go man who’s doing really well I want the ears I know what that guy’s doing man


whoever’s doing really well and um you know some guys get the bell and you know book the part and you know they’re just


you work with them and it’s like guys he’s not that great he’s okay yeah and um you know sometimes you work with


somebody and in nogi you have no idea and you learn some really cool stuff from them and it’s like you find out oh


he’s like a purple belt or a blue belt and you know and if you had seen the ghee and seen him in uniform you might


have said I want to learn something from the higher belt true and it could be this guy’s better it could be this guy


is better at specific things you know what I mean and um you know it’s kind of like there’s no standard for belts and


it kind of comes down to your instructor and what they feel like the standard is some will have you memorize moves some


of them will tell you you have to win competition some of them you just show up every day putting the effort and some


of them are just punch a clock you know what I mean as long as you’re paying your dues you’re gonna get that belt you


just you pay membership long enough they’re gonna promote you that’s the thing yeah yeah and then you know you


get the belt and then comes time to roll you’re in trouble but um you know it’s like everybody has their own standard


and uh I can’t say I know exactly what Tim saw but I know Tim and uh man he’s


tough and I worked real hard and it’s a big compliment getting my black belt from him yeah in general like Jiu Jitsu


is the longest kind of like belt process out of like any martial art anyways yeah even like with the standards it still


takes much longer than something like karate or something in most cases you know to Belt up people ask me about


liking promote things like that um 12 years is average to get a black belt


really that’s average you know what I mean so you know it takes a long time man one of my buddies Matt he just got


his purple belt he was a blue belt for 14 years whoa that’s a problem with competitions too yeah you go in and like


you’ll you’ll face a blue belt but this dude’s been a blue belt for four years yeah he’s sandbagging hard yeah


you’ll get stuff like that you know what I mean and it’s kind of like at some point you should be like oh I want to move up and things like that but you


know I mean it’s just it comes down to that instructor’s standard and what are they focused on and um with my


instructor Tim you know he’s such a great guy man he works so hard he’s pushed me to get


better and better I’m very happy with that you know I mean I’m good with that yeah seems like a


cool guy Jim that place was nice due to murder yeah don’t let him get a hold of your neck man I got stories oh yeah I


could see that where we at about four minutes okay yeah man I’ll talk for a


couple more hours I’ll talk to you guys all day man I feel like again once I get started yeah I was so nervous coming in


here it’s not bad right dude I love it it’s fun oh it’s a thing like I knew I’d have fun once I settled in but I was so


nervous coming in bro like I was so scared I was like oh man and like I love


this stuff I love talk about I love talking about my students and these people I know they’re just like amazing


man I got so many cool people from like all walks of life and you look at the pictures and you’re like you could not


be standing next to two more different people you know what I mean I was staying next to my student John Berg who’s this giant bearded guy who does


like strongman competition and airside is my student Wayne and Wayne’s an older guy with a long ponytail always wearing


like Iron Maiden stuff and like they’re the nicest guys man but you would never think like the three of us would be like


hanging out but man we hit it off we get along so good you know I mean it’s like you hit all these random people they’re


just tight man I got like both sides of the political spectrum and I keep it out of my gym but you know I see the social


media posts and that all gets set aside and I love that and I’ve worked with like people that are millionaires I’ve


rolled with them and I’ve rolled with people that are like struggling working a nine to five doing like you know I got


guys working like doordash to come in and stuff like that and it’s just man I just appreciate how it brings people


together it’s a it’s like a slept on networking kind of thing like a lot of like a lot of people think like oh like if I want to do business I have to golf


yeah there’s also a lot of opportunity to like go to jiu jitsu and you learn a lot you can meet a lot of people who


like have companies or like you know could be doing whatever for you you know if you’re looking for a job Jiu Jitsu


might be a good place to find someone that can hire you yeah yeah people think it’s just golfing or like tennis or like


any of those like you know quote-unquote networking type of sports it’s pretty cool man yeah and once


you’ve like worked that hard and you’ve strangled each other and everything you gotta Bond it’s a little different it’s


true it’s a little different man yeah yeah you all get your ass kicked by the same guy or like I know your pain bro I


know your pain yeah and just uh shout out your gym again for everybody


um Misfits Jujitsu uh you can go at a again on space on this Misfits Jiu Jitsu


on Instagram you can also look us up on Facebook uh misfitsjujitsu.com we’re at 1150 North Avenue in St Charles Illinois


and um and then they can come in he’ll challenge you look at Gracie’s style man


I’ll roll with anybody and um man I’d love to have I’ve had some cool visitors lately I just had a guy from Maine come


through I had another guy come through through uh Jersey and just it’s so cool meeting other people they’re out after


it man they’re just friendly people and you know I always know like if we’re gonna be buddies if the guy comes in


he’s trying to look tough I’m like here we go you know what I mean like that’s


not what it’s about for me man this hasn’t been about fighting for a very long time for me yeah like sure that’s part of it but yeah you know it’s like a


side that’s a side effect of it that’s the side effect of it I just want to have fun man yeah and like I’m competitive I’m gonna get after it but


you know I want to have a good time yeah yeah when you’re in the gym it’s not about that yeah yeah anything happened like kind of like you say like if you’re


if you’re the gym don’t try to kill them if you’re competing snap his I mean you know and the thing is like I always


tell my guys give them a chance you know what I mean but like oh if they don’t tap you gotta go and if it’s in the gym


and somebody’s not tapping it’s one of my senior guys I’ll go very slow but yeah man I mean I’ll I’ll break


something if you don’t tap like you need to tap that’s your responsibility because if I let it go every time I’m like man I’m so good at arm bars


uh uh and you’re really you don’t really know you don’t even know if you could break it yeah you don’t know and you


know some mechanics like crazy it’s cool talking like where your hips got to be like The Leverage is cool oh there’s so many little tricks and like I’m still


learning yeah every day man I’m studying and like watching videos watching DVDs talking to other instructors and like


talking to all my students sometimes your students surprise you they just figure something out like man why didn’t I think of that and it’s like they all


build it it’s awesome man yeah that’s awesome that’s amazing I appreciate you coming on man that was awesome


conversation I enjoyed that a lot dude I feel I feel bad I feel like I show let you guys talk more like this interview


yeah I just just man I love talking about this stuff I’m so passionate about it and man I hope you guys come train


someday just stop out and hang with us man like just come hang you’ll have fun it’s not like you’re just gonna get beat


up you’re gonna have a good time dude but thank you guys so much


I’d like no gee better you know I like nogi better Dom where are you guys bro


we got Taco eggs I want Dom to come in with it do you still have your old ghee yeah but I was 20 when I stopped oh my


God yeah it’s so funny if you just came in with this gee like up to your knees and stuff it was like up to your elbows and you’re just like who’s rolling Excel


I did like a Taekwondo okay I do like a Taekwondo kind of thing and


like man I’m a hoarder I don’t throw anything out I got all kinds of stuff that like why would anyone keep this


thing you know I mean and I found that that uniform it’s like from when I was in like seventh grade You Gotta Wear it


in oh dude yeah I’m a fat guy in a little coat that one that’ll be fun we were uh for Christmas we had this like


thing at his gym and everyone wore like Santa Santa costumes like full-on like suits and hats and we all rolled in


like Santa costumes I was cooking in the sand suit and then on Halloween we do suit and tie rolls where’s the suit and


tie you just buy a crappy one from Goodwill because we’re gonna rip all the buttons off and rip the arms and legs off of it like it’s gonna end up in


pieces it’s so much fun man that is pretty cool a lot of guys a lot of guys do Jiu Jitsu


and they’re so serious all the time it’s like man take a minute and reflect that this is kind of silly like have some fun


you know what I mean you don’t have to just be competitive every time yeah like there was a point where I was just like


kind of burnt out and you know you get that way because I haven’t taken a break in 12 years and uh for a couple weeks my


goal was to pass people’s guard and then sit on them and I would just sit there doing this and I would do it over and


over and over again just for laughs man and uh I had a blast with it I learned some stuff but more than anything it


entertained me it kept me going and that was back at being more competitive after I got through the burnout you know yeah


that’s smart yes well thanks again yeah thank you everyone guys I appreciate it hey y’all learned something I hope you


guys as uh the second Jiu Jitsu podcast I hope you guys start to uh checking out gyms around you if you’re around here go


to Misfits yeah come train guys I love this stuff man and I want to meet some


more cool people so I just love it yeah just for watching appreciate you guys peace

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