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Misfits Coach with The No Offense Podcast From St. Charles

Misfits Coach with The No Offense Podcast From St. Charles

In a recent podcast video, Brad Edmondson of Misfits Jiujitsu sat down with Matthew Maxcy from the No Offense Podcast…
Jiu-Jitsu Red Belts - Who Are These Elusive And Artful Grand Masters

Jiu-Jitsu Red Belts - Who Are These Elusive And Artful Grand Masters

Who Are The Jiu-Jitsu Red Belts? Jiu-Jitsu Red Belts are the elite of the elite, the Grand Masters of Brazilian…
Jiu-Jitsu Vs. Judo - Which Is Better For Your Health?

Jiu-Jitsu Vs. Judo - Which Is Better For Your Health?

When it comes to martial arts, there are as many different motivations and reasons to start training as there are…
6 Ways Training Jiu-Jitsu For Weight Loss Can Change Your Life

6 Ways Training Jiu-Jitsu For Weight Loss Can Change Your Life

Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu is an effective martial art and an excellent workout for consistent weight loss, but probably not for the…
Slate Passmore
Slate Passmore
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I've started training with Brad the past year and a half after a hiatus (and other gyms) and will say the quality of instruction Brad gives is few and far between. Not only does he explain Jiu Jitsu in a simple way, he patiently breaks it down until you grasp what he is saying. He really cares about you learning Jiu jitsu correctly. I myself have made huge strides in my practice since working with him again, and learning to see techniques that others in the local area are not teaching. Furthermore, he always stays up to date with the current techniques in the competitive scene. Brad's passion for Jiu Jitsu bleeds through him, and I highly recommend him as an instructor.
Tony Vivirito
Tony Vivirito
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Great place to train. Brads a great instructor. Everyone is great to train with.
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Great place to train. Great training partners. Solid inviting atmosphere. Definitely jiu jitsu before business here.
Steve Dau
Steve Dau
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Best man on man action this side O' the Mason Dixon
Casey W
Casey W
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I've trained with Brad for a few years and I can honestly say his approach to is different, it's not just a business. He cares about his students success and makes training fun. The whole team at Misfits is a great group to roll with.
Rafael Gomez
Rafael Gomez
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Amazing place if you want to learn jiu jitsu and speak Spanish best place to learn definitely recommend it
Great to see the gym getting busier with lots of new faces! Beginners welcome!
Come submit your local Alderman! Gogoplata!
Beginners welcome! Come train with your favorite people!
We got @filler51 rolling! Gotta love it! Great class tonight, some new faces! Beginners welcome!
Reminder, classes are cancelled Thursday September 21st! Apologies for any inconvenience we’re back at it with our normal schedule after Thursday!
Great time at the @thehillbillyhammer seminar out at @salsjiujitsuandgrappling ! Had an absolute blast, learned some new tricks and had some real fun rounds. Best of luck to Luke at pan ams! Great dude!
Really good having @omarsanceda28 back on the mats! Come train with your favorite people!
Great group tonight, love our crew at the gym! Beginners welcome! Come train with your favorite people!
Reminder! Open mat tonight at 6! Good friend of the gym @slate_the_great_passmore will be fighting and we’ll be cheering him on, fight starts at 8!
On Monday we will have a noon open mat, classes the rest of the day are cancelled!
On Friday we’ll be open to watch and cheer for good friend of the gym @slate_the_great_passmore as he fights on UFC fight pass. It will also be an open mat for anyone that wants to train! Starts at 6 pm!
New t-shirts available at the front desk!
Quite possibly my favorite new white belt pic of all time. Beginners welcome!
Great week of training! Bummed to see @dylankonkey head back to school, see ya again on breaks man! Come train with your favorite people! It’s gonna be us!
AC is ON today! Come train!
Best of luck to all our students heading back to school! We’ll miss having ya all on the mats!
Was great having my buddy @pawel.barnas come visit, just a great dude and really good to catch up a little. I was busy helping the kids classes and looked over and had to do a double take seeing him on the mat!
They say Robert is still trying to break that kimura grip to this day. Also Nick with a slick tarikoplata! Great training this week! Beginners welcome!
Was on the St charles county podcast! Link in the bio! Fixed link!
Great seminar with @craigjonesbjj and the squad! Worked some great escapes and @jorgecontreras.4 hooked Craig up with some sardines.
Thanks to @totaljiujitsula for having our student @the_jdmchris train with them while he’s out that way! Appreciate the hospitality, says he had a blast!
Jiujitsu should be fun! Beginners welcome! Come train with your favorite people! It’s definitely gonna be us!
Great work by students @henrykussro and @chiefsosammabjj at the @nmta_usa event! Couldn’t be more proud of the progress we’re seeing in the gym, these guys train hard, technically and safely, always looking to evolve and get better! We’re lucky to have them as students at @misfitsjiujitsu !
Incredibly cool to see our students @top_gabriel17 and @haaileyduncan featured in St Charles living magazine! Also in the Batavia and Geneva issues! Photos by @donetodeathphotography !!! Check it!
Was great seeing the kids out at our student Noah’s birthday party! Happy birthday Noah!
Had @steaminwheelsmobilesauna come by, always a treat to have him training with us and having the sauna extra is an added bonus! Thanks a ton man and we’ll be talking about an event soon! Highly recommend you all check him out!
Once again, Jiujitsu so good it will blow your MIND! Beginners welcome! Come train with your favorite people! It’s gonna be us!
Our kids program is going strong and we’re seeing lots of progress and they’re having a blast!
One of our students had an unexpected death in the family, please help out if you can, link in the gym bio.
Start of a new week, time to train! Lots of good work coming up, mount escapes next two weeks tying into the armbars we’ve been doing the last month!
Tank tops and zip up hoodies are now available! More with the incredible art by @jonnybee.creative !
While the focus of our gym is on bettering people’s mental and physical health through the use of Jiujitsu we do have some excellent competitors that are going to do very well in the near future. Something very important is that our competitors are not only successful but that they can work safely with our more hobbyist students just looking to have fun. Very proud to say we have that and can’t wait to see the big things this group will do!
Don’t forget, classes are CANCELLED for the holiday tomorrow! However we have an open mat at noon, come on in and roll, if you have fun consider helping the @kane_county_sheriff department to help train Officer Hudson’s successor!
All set up for class tonight! #Batistabomb
On Mondays and Wednesdays beginning this week we’ll have an 8 pm class focused on strikes on the ground. Anyone is welcome to attend this class to learn and spar safely while dealing with punches. It’s going to be a LOT of fun and will be very light contact. Come on in!
Great work today ending out armbars from top position focus!
Once again, a warning! Our Jiujitsu is SO good the techniques will blow your MIND!
Busy week here! For the 4th of July classes are CANCELLED however we will have an open mat training session for students at noon! Come train! Beginners welcome!!!
Pics from todays hip mobility workshop with @doclinnea.pt !!! Absolutely fantastic, thanks doc! We’ve got lots to work on!
DONT FORGET! Open mat this Saturday at noon followed by a 1 hour hip mobility workshop with @doclinnea.pt !!! This is FREE! Come on out! All are welcome, visitors welcome!!!
Kids classes Tuesday and Thursday at 5! Come on in!
Misfits Jiujitsu! Jiujitsu so good it’ll blow your mind!!! Beginners welcome!
Armbar week! The way we train is safe fun and effective, beginners welcome! Always one of our most fun classes! Come train with your favorite people! It’s gonna be us!
Some late 10 minute rounds after the 7 pm class! Armbars for the next two weeks!
Happy Juneteenth! Come train! Classes at 5, 6 and 7! Beginners welcome, come try a week for free!
Huge thanks to our students @stevie.g4n and Jacob for these amazing banners Steve had made and this excellent signed poster from Bellator! We have incredible students and I’m thankful for every one of them! Come train with your favorite people! It’s gonna be us!
Happy Father’s Day! Comic by @asliceofalan
Please donate if you can to help @kane_county_sheriff to get and train Officer Hudson’s successor. Link in the profile!
@kane_county_sheriff just dropped off some things for you guys in honor of officer Hudson from @misfitsjiujitsu and @twobostonsboutique any officer is welcome to come by for a free month of training. Thank you for your service, I have LEO family members and know how difficult your jobs are.