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Misfits Coach with The No Offense Podcast From St. Charles

Misfits Coach with The No Offense Podcast From St. Charles

In a recent podcast video, Brad Edmondson of Misfits Jiujitsu sat down with Matthew Maxcy from the No Offense Podcast…
Jiu-Jitsu Red Belts - Who Are These Elusive And Artful Grand Masters

Jiu-Jitsu Red Belts - Who Are These Elusive And Artful Grand Masters

Who Are The Jiu-Jitsu Red Belts? Jiu-Jitsu Red Belts are the elite of the elite, the Grand Masters of Brazilian…
Jiu-Jitsu Vs. Judo - Which Is Better For Your Health?

Jiu-Jitsu Vs. Judo - Which Is Better For Your Health?

When it comes to martial arts, there are as many different motivations and reasons to start training as there are…
6 Ways Training Jiu-Jitsu For Weight Loss Can Change Your Life

6 Ways Training Jiu-Jitsu For Weight Loss Can Change Your Life

Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu is an effective martial art and an excellent workout for consistent weight loss, but probably not for the…
Slate Passmore
Slate Passmore
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I've started training with Brad the past year and a half after a hiatus (and other gyms) and will say the quality of instruction Brad gives is few and far between. Not only does he explain Jiu Jitsu in a simple way, he patiently breaks it down until you grasp what he is saying. He really cares about you learning Jiu jitsu correctly. I myself have made huge strides in my practice since working with him again, and learning to see techniques that others in the local area are not teaching. Furthermore, he always stays up to date with the current techniques in the competitive scene. Brad's passion for Jiu Jitsu bleeds through him, and I highly recommend him as an instructor.
Tony Vivirito
Tony Vivirito
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Great place to train. Brads a great instructor. Everyone is great to train with.
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Great place to train. Great training partners. Solid inviting atmosphere. Definitely jiu jitsu before business here.
Steve Dau
Steve Dau
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Best man on man action this side O' the Mason Dixon
Casey W
Casey W
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I've trained with Brad for a few years and I can honestly say his approach to is different, it's not just a business. He cares about his students success and makes training fun. The whole team at Misfits is a great group to roll with.
Rafael Gomez
Rafael Gomez
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Amazing place if you want to learn jiu jitsu and speak Spanish best place to learn definitely recommend it
Had a set of keys go missing at the gym last night, if a yo e accidentally took them home please contact me, was at the gym VERY late searching for them. Thanks in advance!
Freaking love this dude. Me and @r.marc5 met back when I was a white belt, really really good seeing him, couldn’t ask for a better rep of the jiujitsu community and he’s worked hard at the craft and it shows. Thanks for stopping out brotha you’re always welcome!
Awesome having @moho_aly visit while he’s in town from Connecticut! We’ve had some fantastic visitors come into town while they’re here at the @qcenteril
Our Monday night 8 pm nogi judo class is growing!
Come check it out!
Great day rolling with friends from @picapaujiujitsu and having Frank visit the gym and hang out with everyone after class! Frank also has claimed the 8 lb medicine ball at the gym as his new toy.
Open mat tomorrow at noon!
Everyone is welcome!
Please help if you can, Joshua was killed in a tragic car accident and taken far too soon. Link in the bio.
Great day here, the gyms growing fast, very bright future for the gym. Just wait, it’s only gonna get better.
We’re adding a noon open mat on the normal schedule on Sundays! The gyms been growing quickly and it’ll only get better! In June 30th the open mat will be our women’s only mat so the dudes will have to skip that one but otherwise all our welcome, all affiliations and gyms can come train free as charge as long as they train safely you’re cool with us! Come on by!
Working very hard after classes doing PT work to make for better movement patterns, health and jiujitsu thanks to @openmat_physio who’s been a huge help and I’ve definitely seen solid progress. Definitely check them out!
Just doing blackbelt stuff at open mat with @gomezrafabjj . I’ve grown and yes I’m this much bigger than him now.
Open mat! Tomorrow at noon! Come train! Ignore the shirt brother! It lies! Let’s roll!
As a reminded, no classes tonight, we’re back to a normal schedule tomorrow!
Gave out five belts tonight, one purple and four blue belts, couldn’t ask for better representatives for our gym and what we’re about. They’re technical, competitive, fun, safe and always looking to help people new to build our community.
I don’t give out many belts and they’re based on a combination of technical ability and character. It’s not enough to just punch the clock, show up with a good attitude, help people, train safe and push yourself to be better. As for how belts work here it’s very simple. If you earn a belt here I buy the belt, I pay for it. If money was involved in belt promotions they couldn’t be subjective how would you know if you earned the belt if I make a profit off of selling it to you? Any students wondering what they need to do to earn that next belt please talk to me and I’ll help get you there! Let’s go! Train with your favorite people! It’s gonna be us!
Great day getting to hang and learn from @slate_the_great_passmore ! It’s gonna be an amazing year, much more to come!
TONIGHT at 730 pm! WRASSLIN with @raymond_clark ! GET THE TABLES!
This is Tara over at Duck Donuts in the commons, with our official donut shop closed today I paid them a visit and she was incredibly nice. Be sure to say hi to Tara if you stop in, it’s all about community!
Great day and always good hanging with @jckiecrz
Intro class in one hour come learn what we’re all about!
Kicks off today! Nogi judo today at noon! Surprise! We have @steaminwheelsmobilesauna coming by today! Then don’t forget, if anyone you know is nervous about coming by the gym don’t be! Tomorrow is our intro to Misfits at noon! All of this we’ll be taking donations for @kaylashopefoundation !! Come support a great cause and have some fun!
Don’t forget!!! Our mental health events this weekend, nogi judo workshop tomorrow at noon and intro to Misfits Sunday at noon! Free to members, $10 donation that goes to Kayla’s Hope for non members, support. Great cause and see what we do!

Event brought to you in part by

The Noble Hound Dog Training 



Daneish Business Services


Check them out!
Nogi judo on SATURDAY and an intro event for new people to come learn what we do at Misfits on SUNDAY! Both at noon! $10 min donation for non members, for members donate to a good cause if you can! Benefits @kaylashopefoundation !!!
Rashguards are IN! Art by @hyesooktattoos check out her get what you get pokemon flash art, rashguards made by the amazing @eagr_ones making sure my stuff is the best you can get! Pick yours up if you preordered, limited number available still but they’ll go quick!
New tank tops and t shirts available! Art by @hyesooktattoos and printed by @thehairyant these are killer! Get yours at the gym or message me to get one saved or shipped!
On May 18th we’ll be having a nogi judo workshop followed by an introduction to Misfits Jiujitsu class on the 19th, both at noon! These are free for current students, any non members it’s a $10 charge with money being donated to @kaylashopefoundation . The Sunday class is a fantastic way to learn what we do and learn some potentially life saving techniques. We’re very passionate about mental health and helping the community, come on out have some fun and support a great cause!
Message to save your spot!
I had an absolute blast at C2E2 over the weekend and decided that Misfits will be celebrating free comic book day this Saturday at the gym! Members will be welcome to nab something to read, picked up a variety to choose from, as always we’re looking for ways to make the gym the most fun spot around!
May 25th at noon we’ll have @slate_the_great_passmore here for a Thai boxing workshop! Classes will be cancelled this day and this is open to everyone to come out and work on their striking! FREE for members, $20 drop in for non members. Slate is a good friend of mine and old training partner and an incredible martial artist.  Slate has: 21 Years of striking experience 

Trained/fought in Thailand in 2012 

Previous Fight Card 170Ibs Muay Thai Champion

T.B.A. Champion at 172Ibs 2018

T.B.A. Champion at 172Ibs 2019

Trainer at Maximus Muay Thai 

Professional Mixed Martial Artist  See you all then!
Wanted to say thank you to everyone for sharing the Daily Herald article and for all the love and support! Here’s the other time I was in the newspaper, this latest one is MUCH better! We’re doing something special here, beginners welcome! Credit @bradwithhr for the joke haha
So incredibly cool to be featured in @thedailyherald !!! Thank you for spreading our message, we’re gonna do some great things here in Saint Charles!
Hats are in! I expect these to go fast! Blue skull tank tops, rashguards and our standard tees are $5 off!
Don’t forget we have nogi judo at 8 pm!!!
Great day, hanging with our @picapaujiujitsu family, stopping by @deardonutscafe then watching the fights at the fantastic @dukesnorthwoods ! WILD fightcard, @blessedmma is an absolute legend as is @alexpoatanpereira
We are TRAINING! Our first nogi judo class starts tonight at 8 with @m.oki_judo , foundations classes at 5 and 730 and our regular jiujitsu class at 6 pm! Come on out!
Order goes in at the end of next week! If you want one shoot me a message or talk to me up at the gym, these are going to look even better when they come in, fantastic art by @hyesooktattoos and the quality from @eagr_ones is ALWAYS the best!!!
Our mental health shirts are back in stock and I’ll be shipping a few out tomorrow!
Starting TOMORROW! At 8 pm on Mondays we’ll have a nogi judo class run by @m.oki_judo who’s an absolutely excellent instructor and martial artist. The 730 pm jiujitsu class is still currently on the schedule and will run on the other side of the gym. Very very excited for this, just got new crash pads for practicing throws safely. Drop ins are $20, all affiliations welcome.
More pics from today’s tournament with @buckbuiltcoach
3 divisions and 3 gold medals! Fantastic work today by @dylan.l537335 and @buckbuiltcoach , Dylan won the 210 lb division at a weight of 185 while Greg both won his weight class as well S the absolute division. I believe every match was won by submission which I’m especially proud of. Not only are these guys absolute killers but they’re among the safest people at Misfits to work with, couldn’t be more proud!
just a reminder there are no classes this Saturday 4-6-24 as we’ll be at the Fuji jiujitsu tournament supporting our competitors. Anyone wishing to spectate come support the team! Event is at the address below, anyone wishing to spectate I’d recommend getting there about 1 pm!

Chicago Spring Open

FUJI BJJ presents the Chicago Spring Open. We are dedicated to bringing you the best tournament experience possible. Our tournament series offer divisions for any age, weight, skill level, as well as GI and NOGI divisions.


Date: 4/6/2024

Venue: Canlan Sportsplex

Address: 28156 W Northpointe Pkwy, Barrington, IL 60010

Format: Depending on the bracket size we offer best of three, round robin, and modified double elimination brackets to ensure everyone gets more than one match.

Age Standards: Age 4 and Up

All States Welcome!


All spectators over the age of 12 years old must have a spectator pass.  Passes may be purchased at the door upon entry of the venue.

Spectator fee: $20.
Each academy may designate up to 2 coaches who receive spectator passes at no cost.  The academy must have competitors registered for this particular event and the passes must be approved by the event director.

Couldn’t agree with this more. Learn to play, take bad positions, tap often. Develop new skills.
Gotta armbar the old guy then style on em! 😂
T shirts are back in stock! If you contacted me about getting them shipped I’ll have shipping figured out tomorrow! These will go quick get them while they last! $10 of every shirt goes to @kaylashopefoundation !
Let’s gooooooo!
Some excellent pics by @ckdaffodil.designs we have such a great community that’s all building each other up, love what we’re making!