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Misfits Coach with The No Offense Podcast From St. Charles

Misfits Coach with The No Offense Podcast From St. Charles

In a recent podcast video, Brad Edmondson of Misfits Jiujitsu sat down with Matthew Maxcy from the No Offense Podcast…
Jiu-Jitsu Red Belts - Who Are These Elusive And Artful Grand Masters

Jiu-Jitsu Red Belts - Who Are These Elusive And Artful Grand Masters

Who Are The Jiu-Jitsu Red Belts? Jiu-Jitsu Red Belts are the elite of the elite, the Grand Masters of Brazilian…
Jiu-Jitsu Vs. Judo - Which Is Better For Your Health?

Jiu-Jitsu Vs. Judo - Which Is Better For Your Health?

When it comes to martial arts, there are as many different motivations and reasons to start training as there are…
6 Ways Training Jiu-Jitsu For Weight Loss Can Change Your Life

6 Ways Training Jiu-Jitsu For Weight Loss Can Change Your Life

Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu is an effective martial art and an excellent workout for consistent weight loss, but probably not for the…
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I've started training with Brad the past year and a half after a hiatus (and other gyms) and will say the quality of instruction Brad gives is few and far between. Not only does he explain Jiu Jitsu in a simple way, he patiently breaks it down until you grasp what he is saying. He really cares about you learning Jiu jitsu correctly. I myself have made huge strides in my practice since working with him again, and learning to see techniques that others in the local area are not teaching. Furthermore, he always stays up to date with the current techniques in the competitive scene. Brad's passion for Jiu Jitsu bleeds through him, and I highly recommend him as an instructor.
Tony Vivirito
Tony Vivirito
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Great place to train. Brads a great instructor. Everyone is great to train with.
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Great place to train. Great training partners. Solid inviting atmosphere. Definitely jiu jitsu before business here.
Steve Dau
Steve Dau
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Best man on man action this side O' the Mason Dixon
Casey W
Casey W
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I've trained with Brad for a few years and I can honestly say his approach to is different, it's not just a business. He cares about his students success and makes training fun. The whole team at Misfits is a great group to roll with.
Rafael Gomez
Rafael Gomez
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Amazing place if you want to learn jiu jitsu and speak Spanish best place to learn definitely recommend it
Very proud of our guys that participated in the @nmta_usa event today to get some more experience. Back to training,lots to work on!
Was awesome having Kyle Zipf from Arizona come train with us this week, great guy and a great representative of the jiujitsu community, thanks for the rolls!
Come train, beginners welcome!
🥋🤪 Get Your Grapple On at Misfits Jiu Jitsu! 🥋🤪

Ever dreamt of becoming a ninja turtle without living in a sewer? Here’s your chance! Misfits Jiu Jitsu is throwing open the gym doors for a FREE first week where the only thing you’ll sign is your name on the victory board!

🎉 Roll into Fun – First Week’s Free!
📜 Scroll of Secrets? Nope, No Contracts Here!
💸 Keep Your Coin – No Signup or Cancellation Fees

Train with your favorite people! (It’s going to be us!!!)

Whether you’re as coordinated as a panda or as stealthy as a shadow, come flip, flop, and figure out the fancy footwork with us. Find your inner warrior (or at least learn how to party like one)!

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Starting next week Feb 5th all 6 pm classes will now run until 730, 7 pm classes now begin at 730. This is to give 6 pm students one half hour or open mat sparring and roll time and to prepare for when we get busier as this year goes on.
It’s going to be a GREAT year for Misfits Jiujitsu, stay tuned!
Myself and our rock star kids student Joe dressed up as his favorite superhero the Thing from Fantastic 4! Made masks for us both! Thanks Joe! It’s clobberin’ time!
This pic turned out AWFUL and I should have checked it BUT! What a great night. Good luck to @geeennerr as he leaves town for a bit for work! Tons of fun tonight and great rolls! Beginners welcome! Come train with your favorite people! It’s gonna be us!
Here’s @lando11vip20 getting his silver at @adcc_official open in California, he constantly pushes himself to improve and cross trains going out to expand and bring more techniques to the gym, couldn’t be more thankful to have him training with us
Very proud of @lando11vip20 for taking silver at the ADCC open in California and @dylan.l537335 and @top_gabriel17 for an excellent performance at Grappling Industries where they finished 5 of 8 by submission only losing two by two points and one match that was tied by referee decision (which I strongly disagreed with but regardless, we’re back at it and I appreciate the effort those refs put in even when I don’t always see eye to eye.) it’s going to be a great year for us! Come train with your favorite people, beginners welcome!
We will be at @thehivestc tonight for the fights! Prelims at 7 main card at 9, come on out!
Great guard passing work this week, we’ll be staying on guard passing for one more week!
Goodluck to @lando11vip20 at the ADCC open in California today!
On Saturday Feb 3rd at noon we’ll be having a nogi judo workshop with @matt.oki who is a USA Judo certified coach from Barrington judo club. We’ll also have @steaminwheelsmobilesauna coming by, gonna be a LOT of fun. This event is free to attend and we’ll have an open mat after. Come on out and train!
Women’s open mat coming up at @viannabrothers_bjj check it out!
Kids classes tonight are CANCELLED!
Adult classes are still a. Go, Thai boxing at 6, jiujitsu at 7!
We will be CLOSED Saturday January 13th for the Grappling Industries tournament, anyone interested in coming out to support the team please contact me and if you’d like to compete in a future tournament let us know and we’ll get you ready to go!
Really awesome gift from Mike, thanks man I absolutely love this, it’ll be hanging up here at the gym!
Huge congrats to students @ccork89 and Justin on their engagement!!!
As a reminder we are OPEN today! Classes at 5, 6 and 7! Drop ins and beginners welcome!!!
Happy new years! 2024 is going to be WILD, Misfits is only going to grow and get better!!! Thank you to all my students for making our gym culture as special as it is, let’s keep that positive energy going and run it! Jiujitsu should be SAFE jiujitsu should be FUN and jiujitsu should be EFFECTIVE! That’s what we do! Beginners welcome! Come train with your favorite people! It’s gonna be us!!!
We are OPEN New Years Day! Start the new year off right! Classes at 5, 6 and 7! Normal schedule! Come train! Beginners and drop ins welcome!!!
Last chance for the holiday sale!
Get two months for the price of one!
Send a message if you’d like to get set up!
Happy Holidays to all our incredible students, thank you all for everything and can’t wait to make this next year even better! Congrats to those that leveled up! You earned it and we couldn’t ask for better representatives of our community! Thanks again to KSwan Massage and @steaminwheelsmobilesauna for coming out to our party Saturday!
We have a limited number of winter hats available at the front desk! Ask at the gym or shoot me a message to get yours!
We are closed 12/25!
That’s it! We’re training every other day at our regular schedule!
SATURDAY! We have our Christmas party! Thai boxing Santa sparring at 11 am jiujitsu Santa rolls at noon! Come dressed as Santa if at all possible!
Huge thanks to @vitekdesign for the amazing barrel top for Misfits! Absolutely love it! Thanks brotha!
Congrats to friends of the gym @qpark420 and @josephrusulis on their blackbelts! Couldn’t ask for better representatives of the community, they’re all tough as nails, very technical and very kind. Great dudes. Glad we were able to be there for the celebration of all the years of hard work.
As a reminder, classes tomorrow are CANCELLED, we’ll be visiting Pica Pau jiujitsu at 11 am to support our friends at their belt promotion ceremony!
Pay for one month get a second month FREE! Ladies get an additional free month as we’re trying to build the team of women at the gym. Also Misfits merch is $5 off this month!
So quick update, I’m out and feeling great! This was an old old injury that got aggravated, a number of old injuries I dealt with were completely avoidable and the way we do things at Misfits is VERY safety minded so students will never deal with a number of the things I had dealt with coming up. Eager to get rehab done and get back on the mats!
Having a surgery today to help with an injury to my neck that occurred quite awhile ago, the last months have been extremely difficult but all of the students at the gym have really kept me going. Thanks to you all and see you soon.
Congrats to @cdehaven262 our kipping race champ tonight! Great night of training! Beginners welcome!
Great week of training and we’re just getting started!
Looking for that perfect Christmas gift? Come train with us at Misfits Jiujtsu!
For the holidays we’re offering two months for the price of one AND ladies get an additional month FREE! We’re trying to build the team here and have a group of ladies who are killing it, come join the team! 
Link in the bio to sign up or come on in for a free one week trial! Get in shape and have fun, we’re focused on safety and community, come train with your favorite people! It’s gonna be us!!! Christmas offer for new students only! STUDENTS! Share this and let’s build the team!
Good luck tomorrow to friends of the gym @dylan.ridle and @patern10p__chitown at @dblgold ! Ya all will kill it I have no doubt!
Couple events coming up!
Dec 16th we’ll be heading to Pica Pau Jiujitsu in Aurora at 11 am! They’re a great gym and we’ll be visiting for their belt promo ceremonies, cross training builds the community, gives new training opportunities and we all get to meet some cool new people.
On December 23rd we’ll be having our Santa invasion! We’d like to see as many people dressed as Santa on the mat as possible! Muay Thai Santa sparring at 11 am, Santa rolls at noon! Visitors welcome!
Incredibly thankful for all my students, all you amazing people I’ve met along the way here and have been lucky enough to have in the gym. Started out with these mats on an indoor soccer field and slowly built up and expanded the community little by little. Here’s me scrubbing the mats by hand before starting, spent hours cleaning them. I promise you all I’m only getting started and I’m going to make sure you all get the best, because that’s what my incredible students deserve. Thank you all, you all mean more to me then you’ll ever know. Happy Thanksgiving!
A great night hanging with other learned jiujitsu peoples!
Man so cool seeing my brotha @nasty_i_91 after so long! His weight loss journey is just so impressive and he’s such a great dude. I’m lucky to meet so many great people throughout this whole journey, I first met him 10 years ago and catching up was just awesome. Keep in touch brah and keep working hard and being a great dude! Ya always got friends at Misfits! Oh and that’s Craig in the background. He’s okay. Great night of training ya all!
Happy thanksgiving, we will be closed thanksgiving day but the rest of the week is business as usual!!!
Had a fantastic turn out today for our first women’s open mat! Will definitely be looking to host these regularly, really great to see the community grow! Thank you all for coming!
Happy Veterans Day, thank you to those that served.
Don’t forget! Women’s open mat tomorrow at noon, open to everyone! Build the jiujitsu community, lots of cool people out there!
Fantastic having visitors from @picapaujiujitsu tonight, really appreciate the gyms focus on community like us and fantastic technique! Thanks a ton!
Very proud of our students today! Two of which got their first competition under their belt! Lots of good stuff and things to work on, we’re back at it Monday with a normal schedule! Couldn’t be more proud of our students and what we’re building! Also don’t forget womens open mat next Sunday at noon!